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Now Alex this is a very last minute episode. Like I said I call very last minute because we got some very last minute breaking breaking news and that is Ben. Aspirin has announced his retirement from mixed martial arts us on Airolo on his show or on. ESPN and officially hung up his four ounce gloves. So I'll put you on spot. What is your immediate reaction? After hearing the news I what are you expecting from one. Mr Ben Aspirin going forward well based on the comments. He made in his results in the sea. So so far I would say unsurprised unsurprised. The time is probably right if anything I respect that. He's probably that he's leaving when there's probably still no money to be made and I actually even though we're talking Hashtag may retirements. I actually think this is one that will stick forgotten for anyone who missed the the Hawaii show announcement he. He's I believe he needs to. He needs a hip replacement. That's probably it for you as a high level. ANIME fighter You you know. And he's he's thirty five years old. He's been involved in some form of combat sports since he was very very young so much wear and tear on his body so yeah unsurprising and I would also a welcome retirement. And that's I say that with respect to Tabet Aspirin. Yeah for anyone who's followed. aspirins career watched any interviews lately. I he's made. He's made it known that mix march was never his one true love he really loves the the world world of like amateur wrestling. Collegiate wrestling key coaches a lot kids. He coaches fighters coach Tyron Woodley. I coaches barber. He wasn't there for her last night but she's made sure to give him a shout-out but Ben Aspirin retired with a record. I believe of eighteen and two If I'm not nineteen into his last two losses were the only two losses he ha- ever had he lost to Hoard Mazda which everyone has heard or seen now especially instagram in five seconds fascists knockout in I. UCF Street and then he gets submitted. By Day Maya so getting knocked out by Hori Mazda against submitted by Damian. Maya had nothing to hang your head down dame is arguably the greatest grappler blur and UFC. Istrian Corey Boswell is the hottest fighter on the roster right now But a bearing those two losses aside what is going to be your lasting memory the From Ben Aspirin either inside the octagon outside the octagon any of the other plethora promotions He's fought under man. This is a guy for I mean I mean for the most part did things his way And you just got to respect that. I know it's a cliche but you certainly can't say about every fighter and I would say Aspirin Oscar. He's an original You know I'm not the biggest cleaned wrestling fan. But I know he was nicknamed Funky because his style was an orthodox so from his earliest super successful. NCW CHAMP EH days. He's had people kind of questioning how he goes about things so you know. He answered those questions in college. And then he gets in Tampa Bay and yes. He's very one dimensional but super successful missile rather the gate bell tower. Pick them up. He becomes a champion. He beats names like Douglas Lima Andrei Korsakov. People can say oh this was before they became you know before their there prime's C.. We won't know because I've had a rematch. Those are wins on Bonanza Record He did it his way you know and instead of going to the AFC after he went to one championship mature. There's a spat with Dana White. Very public saying like Oh. I'd rather watch grass grow. I think it was referenced. been asking some Dana Whitey like that Really really questioning whether aspirin was entertaining enough to be in the sea. So I'll ask her and went did his thing finding one and then and then he made his way to the UFC anyway and in this last year made plenty of headlines. Uh Uh drew plenty of eyeballs and in pro wrestling parlance put over some people major especially Muslims that the hormonal thing doesn't happen without this aspirin viewed in an aspirin running into his knee via the I mean people have been saying ever since he lost Damian in Singapore main event. They've really been cause is remember Ben. Aspirin was traded for Dimitrios Johnson. That I think that's going to be one of his lasting legacy stu he was part of the first real trade between promotions Johnson left. USC IN EXCHANGE FOR BANANA CREAM CITY wanted to test himself against the best In my mind what stands out the most not his inside the inside the cage or octagon. But it's one he said like. I might not be the best like I'm knocking. I might not retire undefeated but I at least want to try. I WANNA compete against the best. So he never walked around declaring himself. Like I am the greatest I on the greatest the greatest you want to try and he came to the AFC didn't work out and he said and he lost harbaugh's doll in five seconds handled. Donald loss better than most fighters would a decision loss. I mean he's he tweeted right away. He's like well that didn't go as planned. And then I heather. Hardy tweeted like everyone needs to stop picking on Bhaskar and this and that I've been asking like I deserve it. Don't worry about it so the way Ben. Aspirin handles defeat I think. A lot of young fighters can can really take from. I mean he said. I don't WanNa be like Ronda Rousey it happens the only thing we learned in that fight is horrid might as well has grainy and I'm not invincible. I can't can't that right. There just shows you kind of finer Ben asking is like he loses to the best and he owns up to it loses to Damian Maya and his interview backstage on. ESPN he goes. I just lost. Also the greatest submission artists arguably in the history of mixed martial arts so handles his losses very well was very dominant. I think people forget that he's he's it's like a record against Andrei Korsakov where he struggled like two hundred and something to like five in that fight you finish them and you finish. Finish them. Beat Douglas Lima. Who is it's either one eight one beat for people for Grace Fighter and Baladora history? Has the windows. Shinya Aoki has w over Robbie lawler say what you want about that by a w w just loses the two guys and calls career so I wish fighters I wish fans that really started to watch anime in. The last has two years like when the Rhonda's and the Connors everyone's rose. I wish they got to see him in his prime when he was not even tearing through people just like dominating like look. If you can't get up you can't get a groman off topic you shouldn't be champion. That's my mentality anyway but Yeah go ahead. I don't want to Romanticize is his style too much. Let's not I'm not gonNA pretend that pre UC BEN ASPIRIN DISA- Shogun esque. He was he was winning. He was not he was winning fights. I I'm I'm glad we did this because I wanNA bring one personal anecdote I was. I was in a glamorous Windsor Ontario when he fought Douglas Lima great crowd. Yes great crowd the card. Of course he was not very good and it was kept off by this aspirin fight where he held Lima down. And it's not asking Lima couldn't get up. The crowd became came so aggravated. I believe there was during this this twenty five minutes. There was two fights in the crowd so You know and those with maybe the most entertaining tonight so so regardless asking get to react and how to people sometimes it wasn't good sometimes style literally incited violence in those watching but again we can't discount that he was a winner at the end of the day and then regardless of his style managed to be an entertaining personality outside of the cage and that goes a long way chill. Sony Sony can tell you that she'll sewn in you know he had this exciting fights later but was known as very much a grind wrestler at your saint-pierre when most famous fighters of all time a lot of critics of his style L. But certainly Certainly a popular guy so aspirin is somewhere in that lineas that entertaining wrestler lineage. And certainly the sport is a little bit worse off for For his personality not being around. Yeah I mean his fights you saw them yourself when I was there on site for U. of C.. Two thirty nine for his fight against Horry Mazda. If you look at the numbers like John Jones is in the main event Amanda Nunez's Komen event. Holly Home Is there Luke. Rock hold like a young image based on that card. Who Do you think did the most numbers in terms terms of traffic and youtube views? Mister funky Mister Funky ask had a walmart sponsorship in that during that fight too so it just goes to show you that people do one. He spoke people listened. I remember vividly that first press conference. They introduced them to the AFC before his fight against Robbie lawler us all up on stage with all the fighters and he was going that everyone like he was talking to Kevin Lee. who was coming from Welterweight Talking Osmond? He's he's calling on. Called COVINGTON is calling out everybody and then he goes does any quote unquote submits Robbie Law. I don't a win is a win like I said Robbie lawler handled his loss. Well too and then flies immediately. Because I'M GONNA be Robbie lawler and I'm GONNA fight the winner dance cancel Hormuz Law and then. We'll fight for the championship. This is a guy that when he said it normally came true. You didn't end up beating hurry module but you have to assume if he had he most certainly would have been finding for title right away I think especially dominant horry Mazi doll like that but if that doesn't happen we don't get a beam championship the world. We don't see we don't we don't get holy Lori Mazda all being the biggest star in the AFC right now so yes. In terms of wins and losses one change clearly came. Came out the better in that trade again. I think you said it perfectly. Without Ben Aspirin there is no what lasts fifteen months twelve months of the. UFC has been wildly exciting. I think been asking and had a lot to do with that. Yeah you look you need. The world caused him to other become stars or to build other stars And I'm not saying that you have see has control over which one happens whether the fighter they signed become star are they building up but in this case it certainly worked out in billy another star and And I've joked online about you know how bad the trade looks but it's true you've got everything pretty much everything they wanted out of it. I guarantee they have pretty much zero regrets. Let's about making that trade so everyone should be happy. And I hope that Ben Aspirin finds happiness in moving onto wrestling coaching. And just being done with this this This nasty business of fighting and I will say everyone's GonNa question like was he a good fighter. was he a great fighter was he will beat her like he was an excellent prizefighter. And that's what this game is about is getting people to watch you fight and that is exactly what Ben asking. Just tell son-in-law is the whole argument jail sudden was good not great fighter Chill Sutton is a phenomenal prizefighter Ben. Aspirin is a phenomenal prizefighter. Like yes they might lose to people. But you're still watching that that those fights happen and you want you paying watch them lose or you want to see them win. Regardless everyone paid attention to Ben asking I really think the world of Mixed Smart Lars is GonNa Miss GonNa Miss Him. I mean I was backstage at UC Milwaukee which the last ever Fox card and he was the guest fighter and I was speaking so some of the AFC PR. I'm like what's it like. I've been working with Ben after like. He's he's a new fighter and he's already doing gas fighter spas and they're all like he's great. He'll do any interview they'll do it for ten fifteen minutes and then we you were doing the scrum. Which you've done a million of guests fighter scrums? It's going like sixteen minutes. And then the UC PR goes bad enough. Because I was having fun guys come on so it was like he wants to do that. Like how often do you get fighters that want to do media. You rarely get that any days. I mean you see Robbie Law. He's like I don't WanNa be here like fighters back like Nate Diaz and hard mazal forty minutes late immediate. A bashkir not only wants to do it. He'll talk to anybody and he'll talk to everybody so as a medium fan as a media member. I'm going to.

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