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Offered the New York Knicks the eight and the tenth pick overall in this draft for the number three pick, a pick, you would presume, the most mock drafts have presumed up to this moment, would be RJ Barrett of Duke to the New York Knicks, the Knicks turned down that offer from the Atlanta Hawks. So they in love with RJ Barrett. Are they love with somebody else? Let's s ESPN's NBA draft analyst, Mike Schmitz who's on the shell Pennzoil performance line. What's up Mike where what's happened? Thank you. I mean you bet let's walk through the drafts for if we can see what's going to happen on Thursday night. First of all, what do you know about this, this trade offer from the hawks to the Knicks? The Knicks are sitting at number three, the hawks have number eight and number ten and it looks like the Knicks were uninterested in moving back who they in love with. Yeah. I saw you know, Jonathan report. I'm sure just like you did. And I it's not too shocking to me that they would say no to that, you know, getting a player like RJ Barrett at number three, I think is appealing, you know, eight and ten you really don't know what's going to happen. You know whether it's other teams moving in the middle of the top ten or who's going to be left or maybe a team swings on a guy a little high. And the guy you want it, isn't there. I think there's a little bit too much uncertainty. So I get why they would hold onto that, you know, as Jonathan also reported Darius garland is going to be working out for them as well. So I think you know, they're kind of doing their diligence and just trying to get a feel for everyone who's out there and get a better pulse on garland, as well in New York Knicks are going to work out Vanderbilt guard Darius garland, where it's almost become a foregone conclusion that it would be our J Barrett. Number three to the New York Knicks Mike in your estimate. A lot of people say a three. Person draft is at a four man drafts kind of that drop off that cliff where people feel like you're getting a top tier guy. Some seem to think that it's a three man draft with Zion, John Mirant and RJ bare, but others put garland in that group. What do you think? Mike. You didn't that group. He started the year as number one point guard on our board..

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