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Weekend recap edition of the program and talk a little churchill the first half the show do wanna talk about manned loons win in the pegasus stakes listed hundred fifty thousand dollar steak and the race finished not that long ago so they haven't had audio up yet so and i'm not blaming them for them just telling you why we're not listening to the replay of my buddy chris. Griffin's fine call of the race. But i think i i was listening to brad thomas before the race and one thing i learned about brad from working with brad is brad will almost never pick an odds-on horse. He'll he'll often give the default saying that like yeah. Of course the horse can win. Odds-on be almost always looks for ways to beat those types. And i appreciate that because i'm kind of that mind as well. Those are such great opportunities when you can beat one and mandolin. I think there was some reasons to think that you know he was beatable. And brad brought up one of them being you know he'd kinda regressed before off his top races and maybe that would be something that would happen with this particular field the distance maybe was not you know. Maybe he was a little bit better at a longer distance. Obviously they're pointing towards the haskell. So that's the the centerpiece of the the you know the immediate goal for manned loon these are all reasons that maybe he could get beat and after the bad start and kind of you know having to pull out of there for a second floor took him out into the clear and they were kind of just throwing up twenty fours and you know average type fractions and i thought going into the turn wavering really went by a long shot lugo very easily and i was actually really surprised that dr jack was running as good as he did he to me was kind of a big toss in this race at least from from hitting the board and he ran third so i guess he do that but I really thought labor and was going nicely and there was a split second. There were two luna. Looks like floor was like all right. Let's go and he didn't really jump into the bit but as they got going more on the turn he of course did jump more into the bit and cornered wide but that's because weber was kind of drifting out a little bit and went by very easily and then it honestly looked like dr jack was going to go by weight burn quite easily in the second spot maybe not easily but looked like it did look like he was going to go by and then the next thing you know and is like i mean really truly dug in and came back and made it close. I mean it was It reminded me a little bit of authentic. Haskell and i made a joke on twitter i must been looking at the video board because it seems like that's what traders always say when their horse kind of hangs a little bit and somebody rallies adam and weber did just that i'm real curious to see what figures come back for the pegasus stakes but mandolin gets the win wins. It by hen waiver thought just made a very nice accounting of himself. In the i think both just the acceleration on the turn and then that reality because to me it truly did look like he. Dug in as much as mandolin may be regressed Just from looking at the times. It doesn't look like i mean i guess he idol but it just didn't. It didn't look like he was. Like crawling lugging out or anything like that. It's just truly at least looked to me like way. Burn was digging in but You know there are. There are way smarter race watchers than me. And i'm sure that their opinions will probably be better in terms of you know did did mandolin idle a lot or did waiver. And just you know really dig in and it just looked like at the eighth pole. Mandolin had all this momentum. It looks like dr. Jack had momentum and then there's a second there were right about the sixteenth pole. It seems like mandalay starts accelerating more but i guess i'm watching it as we as we go here. Yeah it does look like mandolin is aisling a little bit. Wavering is digging back in but Yeah i'm i'm curious to see how people are gonna react to this race and i would love to hear from you guys on twitter at at beamy awards because we i say this a lot we we all interpret races differently right. I mean that's why there's such differences of opinions on things even after the belmont stakes. You would have thought that from a lot of people that hot rod. Charlie ran the greatest race in history. Course racing from others you would have thought essential quality. Did we need to beat him in. Yeah you know. i didn't. I didn't see anybody that thought. Hot rod charlie didn't run. Well i just it seemed like there was some hyperbolic statements about how well but maybe they're not hyperbolic they're just differences of opinion and kind of gauging of performance. And to me. That's kind of one of the fun things about this game as we can. Have those disagreements in discuss those kind of things so yeah. Big race obviously In terms of the the derby derby trail but the three year old seen the haskell certainly one of the big ones and you have to think with the announcement last week that you know the baffert was gonna be welcome back in the haskell that he'll have some some horses out there i did see a new story about a couple of three year olds Going to rudolph per se from Baffert and so very curious to see kind of how that whole thing plays out Some belmont park racing. From saturday. I went to i. I did an inch going emerald on thursday. But i also went on saturday. My favorite thing to do during the wintertime pre covid was always to you know. Take my walk about seven. Am to eight a m go get an omelette for black bear diner which is up in federal way and then come back down the hill and go to emerald and watch the simulcast from the floor bar as good group of guys. Sit there and watch the races so love to watch with them. Listen to their opinions on things and it's just kind of a fun way to you know because i'm watching all the races on saturday anyways and during covert i just watched him from my couch or my bed or my desk and it's just not as fun. I think it's just fun more fun to be around. You know horse players. And so i did that a little bit on saturday you know had some. I thought good opinions and some of the early races and was you know enjoying watching the early races pew billion cyrus. I thought was the most likely win early on and he won He did get claim by By ray handle. I saw out of that win for vladimir zorin but there was a crazy up center in the in a turf made special twenty five to one first timer for pill motte and joe bravo of course bravo coming out to the west coast sometime soon and then really interesting. There was a a low morning line on control group. I think eight to five and ends up going off at almost four to one as a second choice but like you know full dollar more than the horse. It ended up burning second and control. Group just ran awesome and and got to win. I think was in for the tag but didn't get claimed and a horse who's made a seven hundred thousand now. I think control group spin a an awesome awesome horse but there some fun races on saturday at belmont. I really enjoyed watching the car the feature. I didn't think it was as exciting. And also i had a horrendous opinion on it i just. I thought it was a race. That might go kind of quick early. That maybe they were going to set it up for the closers. That was not. How the dancing rene stakes worked out. Let's take a listen back to john. Umbrellas call of the saturday feature phillies. In mayors new york breads in the dancing rename. The later here is sadie lady in front now by two and a half lengths espresso shot and fierce lady. They are heads apart. Second third through a quarter in twenty two and three fifth seconds. It's a cap of three to the to trailers rubies in time and eloquent speaker. All chasing sadie lady. Who was opened up now. By four lengths fierce lady towards the rail on the outside espresso shot then rubies and time and eloquent speaker. The half was running forty five and three fifth seconds. It is sadie lady. In frontier by five lights fierce lady in pursuit and second then espresso shot far outside rubies time. They're coming down for the sixteenth pole. Sadie lady looking to do it in front running. Fashion fierce lady is getting closer but the wire is coming and sadie lady is going to do it here. So say lady victorious in a You know like. I said. I predicted to go completely the other ways. So just one of those ones where you're flat out wrong you turn the page the move on. It's all you can do. Sometimes in the in this wonderful game of horse racing over at santa anita the saturday feature of course the sprint event. Where to go. There's my chair theodore's echo stakes for the The cow breads and brickyard. Reid who is coming off a defeat and honestly you know had been trying brickyard right..

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