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Boy scouts i love that one july did you see that one yeah yeah i like that one i loved number two or my number one it was the rocket mortgage commercial i absolutely love that one the crocodile dung die down marshall was number two on my list um i love those are my top three and there are actually that is a movie that's actually coming out so the brilliance of that is they brought it out like it's a movie then made it out like it's not a movie but it really is a movie hit areas a move they are really doing it yes widowed groups that guy yes danny mcbride is crocodile dundee anna seeing the the rest of the caster australian hugh jackman plays the prime minister of australia in the film ono yell at this what this does all dart at uh out no no no see this now this new revelation this is just another tied commercial no this is a real movie this is a real movie his the original krakatau than i don't while he in the tree in the original trailers paul hogan has not been in it he was in this commercial though with as you say those are two the most underrated agree more time agreed lov paul gauguin again sunday those those were when we were in our nerd or early to mid teens those movies beaver of force eligibility that's not a knife this is an ally frights but the hook is dany mcbride is just an american tourist.

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