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Thirty bitter starts at six thirty program starts seven, and you will typically be out of there by nine o'clock there ten in fees into the whole fame this year. We'll be honoring the coaches of the year and players of the year, both Kentucky high school, boys and girls and Ohio high school boys and girls in the in the spayed area. And we'll be having the Paul Clugston free throw shooting award winners that. Boy and girl both sides of the river. And also in this is really special chick. We're going to be honoring state championship team. Royal raiders coach Katy. They're going to be honoured for winning the Kentucky girls state championship. And the mount Notre Dame grew sater's are going to be honored winning there seven championship under the tutelage of Dr Scott Rogers, and the Moeller crusaders under the guidance of coral Kramer who won back to back championship games, Ohio. Plus that Thomas more women's team division, three national NC double h. Are going to be honored as well. What an I R basketball in the greater Cincinnati area. And Steve when I'm cruising Ronald Reagan cross county highway approach ridge avenue and Columbia avenue. I see seven time state champs mount Notre Dame. Just absolutely unbelievable and molar wants considered a football school and probably still is but basketball coral Kramer's done a phenomenal job. Wow. And oh my. He's won five state championships. Yeah. Mile big bride is being honored as high school. Boys player of the year in greater Cincinnati. And this is an interesting thing called pulled me. I went to one of their state tournament game. And he told me after the game. We're talking to Stephen all the years I've been coaching that my player coach. And I say that again. Yes. Wow. What a statement to make and miles will be tending Virginia university in the fall. To him. Well. And you've got a couple of four hundred victory recipients that you're going to recognize also. How about this? Mike price who has been. Greater that area. Okay. High school coach for twenty eight years. Season and Andy Fishman. The girls. Coach at the left is a chief is. Coach. It's just going to be a fun night. What? Yeah. What a night for the greater Miami conference GMC. Unbelievable. Oh kills Koda west. Of they people each about four five hundred dollar scholarships. Scholarships and apply. Those and we give to on the Kentucky sites. In. Being as as present there their warrant an five hundred dollars scholarship, that's beautiful. And I'd like to announce the names if I could with with Kentucky brianna Perry of Cooper highschool in summer Secrest of Scott, high school, then L E whole of Turpin and Kimberly is at siegler of. Georgetown. Fantastic. Going back to my days as Paul fry student manager of the elder Panthers. Oh, man. Beloved. Yeah. Everybody wanted to be a part of athletics at elder poll for I had to cut student managers. Luckily, I've made the cut near. Working for a coach sixty eight to seventy two and we were undefeated my senior year and got upset by Princeton. At the Cincinnati gardens. And then the following two years. My first two it Ohio at the Ohio State University elder won state championships. Amazing amazing. That's that's what I. On the second and back to back. When I did my undergraduate work at honor line college now on university and started teaching and coaching wall and Columbus. Yes. In sixty nine seventy while the Bob hearts coached east high school Tigers with Nikki Connor. Eddie rattler. Oh my goodness. Yes. Bomar they won back to back state and then by walnut. Re- got an nineteen seventy-one one the first. Championship. And this is kind of interesting we were twenty five and the five starters on that team them went and played for North Carolina. And that would have been David hanters, Ed stall and Brad often the point guard went to Clinton and Greg Olsen this forward. Went to Minnesota in play for Bill muscleman and was involved in that skirmish with Dave Winfield in Luke with the and later transferred to Miami. Wow. And you know, you you asked me about my years at elder. Well, my senior year when we got upset by Princeton. Greg. I went on to play baseball Michigan that did forty point night. I had Greg studio for an hour. Several weeks ago and all my buddies at elder said, she just rip the scab in the blood started flowing once again is a great guy. Pat night for forty. Yeah. Funny. That's really funny. In the nightcap that night Springfield north in day. Get upset they believe they were gosh. Number one in the state with Craig Taylor who went on to play the Ohio State University. We were together as journalism students, and they got upset that night after elder. Don. Henderson, Don Henderson. Yes. Funny story. I'm at the university of recruiting LaSalle Thompson out a with real. Yes. I had six point guards that had been in visited in we're in their final through schools and on signing day. We lose all six of them Johnson. Volt went them zuri chip England and Tommy 'em, Duke and other kids went wherever the heck they were going to go, and I had no point guard. Don Henderson at Springfield north. And I. Got a kid. As about six two or three and he set Michigan's bathroom with him a little bit say messing with him a little bit. And he said he's left handed really skinny, but he can really handle the rock, and I said I'll fly up there. And I want to watch him work out. I flew up to Springfield Watson workout made it with the youngster. I said you'd go with back for your visits at university of Texas. And if you like it you sign he said, okay, ready Carson, he was a freshman of the southwest conference. And was the point. Abe lemons, university unbelievable. You mentioned on Henderson at north. How about Wayne wise men at south that will never forget at the old lady Miller Jim in Middletown south against Middletown. Wow. Chris Carter, I could still see him, you know, in the upper deck and the JV game. Hey chick and I looked up anyway. And in south one that night they were undefeated got beaten the tournament. But Wayne Weisman an absolute Princeton gym shoes loving dearly. And he's awesome. Yeah. And just a little tease for your listeners. And I know you've got the PR she'd probably there's on the fees Tuesday night, a greater sense. I all of ten people going to be inducted and nine of them are publicized. There's one secret in the correct? That'll that'll be announced to they night and totally well-deserved. And and someone that everybody in the in the tri-state knows in laws and revere. Absolutely. And I will reveal that on the airwaves of seven hundred wwl w but I congratulate this person in advance you are so so highly Irving very much. We're looking forward to big night. It's it's close to full health at receptions, and I guess that hours five thirty to six thirty and dinner six thirty seven. And then the program will get get started at seven, and we'll be out of there by nine fifty bucks worth it. Once again J grunk a- Meyer at four seven thirty seven twenty four Stephen Moore. Tonight's guests three eight three fifty five sixty five man and check it out is going to be a fun night at receptions in Fairfield in Steve Muller. Thank you so much of your time. We could talk hoops all night. Hey, just one real quick thing as I leave your Airways. Both the university of Cincinnati and northern Kentucky university made some tremendous hires for the basketball program and really going to be great hoops and greater Cincinnati. This next fall, totally agree. And I look forward to big things from all three including the savior musketeers. Now, the steel is established. They played great the final month of the season. And to me they came close to making the NC double A tournament. Well, they won eight of their last hand games and lost in the second round of the t to the university of Texas in overtime, seventy eight seventy six and Texas went on in one and I teach ship. Yes. And here's a final trivial. Fact, the university of Texas is only one prior to this year only won one national championship in basketball. And that was our nineteen seventy eight team at the university of Texas would Johnny Moore who would later be the point guard for the San Antonio, Spurs and Jordan. George Gervin and Tyrone Branyan Jim Creebec Ron Baxter team. That was a lemon in nineteen seventy eight the feeding North Carolina State in the championship game at Madison Square gardens. Steve I stole the iceman go for an easy forty against the Cavaliers at Cleveland Coliseum. I bought a San Antonio Spurs banner that night I've been a fan ever since. He was something. Johnny Moore thought Johnny Moore made his name the ball to the fan. That's for. Sure. Awesome. And and also with Portland going back to the Johnny Davis years from the university of Dayton when he became a Portland Trail blazer rip city, I've had a fondness for them to. Awesome. All right. Thanks so much. Great stuff. Awesome chick Ludwig seven hundred wwl w..

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