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Pick up a bottle of foundation today. You will not regret it. It is quite simply the finest nutritional supplement on the market today. Hands down, okay. Yesterday. I got into the John Solomon piece Solomon, how he was laying out the FBI the strategy the Clinton machine the Obama machine had with the FBI during the campaign with Donald Trump. The scheme was was pretty obvious. The scheme was the flood zone. Jody of that cut ready. Yeah. Flood zone with massive amounts of information. Flood the zone everywhere have the Clinton machine in the Obama machine. Flood the intelligence community the law enforcement community in the FBI, the State Department anybody who would listen making sure all of this information made it back to the FBI. So it appeared that Joe more says alien, how do I know Joe Armacost his it from my neighbor? I heard it from a guy in the gym. I heard it from a guy and a guest, they should know you didn't they all heard it from the same guy some idiot who thinks Joe Armacost alien. That's what was happening. I wanna play an older cut from Victoria, Nulan State Department, employees Clinton acolyte very close with all of the players in. Involved in this Clinton scheme. She was the chief of staff for a Strobe Talbott who was Bill Clinton was a higher up and Bill Clinton State Department strove Talbott brother-in-law's a guy named Cody sheer, Cody sheer was feeding dossiers to the State Department sheer is a close confidante of the Clinton team what I'm trying to tell you is Victoria Nulan is deeply embedded in the Clinton of web of schemers. She worked at the State Department. The State Department Joe is a diplomatic outfit. It is not an intelligence or law enforcement outfit. The State Department's job is to conduct international diplomacy not to conduct spying political hit operations. It's not the conduct intelligence operations to liaison with foreign intelligence operations. That is not their job. Right. But I want you to listen to Victoria Nulan last year on face the nation. Talk about how they've been dealing with Christopher Steele, a foreign spy. Although she's a diplomat. She's not a spy for a really long time. Congressman county said they now have concerns about the State Department you serve their until recently. Do you know what he's talking about? I don't I look forward to hearing what he's talking about. I will tell you the mortgage that during the crane crisis in two thousand fourteen and fifteen Chris Steele had a number of commercial clients who were asking him for reports on what was going on in. Russia was going on in Ukraine. What was going on between them Chris had a friend at the State Department, and he offered us that reporting of free. So that we could also benefit from it. It was one of hundreds of sources that we were using to try to understand what was going on. Oh, really? In that. Nice. So during the Ukraine crisis. Oh, you mean to use the same Ukraine crisis in the same players involved in the movie script from thousand seven Manafort and his Ukraine connections and Rick Davis. You mean that guy? So basically, let me do the Victoria Newlyn translator for this is you may say why are you bringing up this old cook? Because this is important. She lays the whole thing out about the flood zone strategy send a bunch of negative information about Donald Trump through multiple avenues, hoping he gets into the FBI and into the court. So they can prosecute him. Impeach him or leak to the media. She says oh during the Ukraine crisis. We had worked with steel before the Ukraine crisis, Manafort and Davis have Ukrainian clients Manafort is one of the key players in the two thousand seven movie script the Glenn Simpson. Wall Street Journal piece we talked about yesterday that they tried against McCain in the past, but the Bush administration wouldn't allow it. This hit is done in two thousand seven the same headstone against Donald Trump later. The only reason it works better against Trump than it did against McCain with the Clinton team and Democrats trying to same Russian collusion hit against McCain through the Ukrainian pro Russian folks that Manafort was working for is because the Obama administration's willing to play ball with weaponized government and to push team wasn't the Bush team warned McCain..

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