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Reggae lovers in the uk. We'll probably know this version better. Bidding mclean did an excellent job with this and the early two thousands became a modern classic off. The pecking label. But i had to hit you with the original from david ruffin. This week at sop this block. You heard majuro with sue sisters mystery than its own that samples that mansfield soon public enemy. By the time i get to arizona and that is its own. I always liked to revisit. On martin luther king day i hardly ever get into any hip hop on this show. Not because i don't like it. Just because i like to do more mellow vibes here but You know sometimes the vibe is right for it. And this is one of those times when star actor that with twenty five miles then robert palmer with every kinda people some island magic there with chris. Blackwell and som- molten at the controls. There can't get any better than that. And finally david ruffin with from love. Happy birthday to all three of those folks this week edwin starr robert palmer and david ruffin. Got something special lineup for now. I'm going to continue saluting. Dr martin luther king junior. This week his birthday was yesterday. Head is a national holiday. So yeah i put together a little something for you to enjoy with a little help from a slide. And robbie and the roots radic's so different versions of the revolution rhythm from denizen brown here Spice spliced together and spice together quite nicely. More music. Now as we wind down here at coconut grove. Keep it allowed to the face. Radio.

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