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To play safely and we've by all accounts The medical experts have seriously disagreed You heard Bruce Feldman about an hour go talk about how most of the coaches have not all in the PAC twelve after hearing medical presentation agreed the big ten has been more muddled. But what about in the SEC we've not heard a lot of other than. anecdotally but we have some information now coming to US courtesy of the athletic Josh Kendall is quoting. Dr Catherine O'Neill WHO's an infectious disease expert and she's an assistant professor. At Lsu Health Science Center and she said I would say we have seen enough to develop a safe plan they meeting the big ten in the pack twelve have not even even ID doctors or competitive apparently our plan was earlier our plan was based on an experience that they had they had not yet done and we implemented that plan faster than they did for that reason so we could prepare for this. So we feel confident in our plan I. Think our football teams can absolutely get through this I. Think our athletic departments can absolutely get through this I worry about our community and outside forces that we can't control. So some very interesting comments again, that is one doctor she is on the Medical Task Force I'm sure the big ten duckers. Don't appreciate that. But that was that was those were fighting words there from the dock we are going to continue. With more of your phone calls at eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, two, eight, five, and Logan. You know what I excuse me Logan you know what? I got got from that doctor that. The coaches are competitive and even the doctors are saying we're better than you are good afternoon. Hey Paul how are you doing today? Okay. I'm loving it man I I. Hope we keep getting some good positives, information I just I augie Kaunda trigger, something a memory in my mind I wanted to If I have a few minutes recount a story of a former se coach that I met once in a weird place. He were my friend a couple of friends of ours. We're going up to a pearl jam show in Atlanta. We used to live down in South Alabama. So we went up. And we went to the show. and. As we were to back down, we stopped at a gas station I don't for whatever reason maybe to get some gas or whatever but I, remember walking in seeing this really nice towncar. Pull up beside us. And Out of the Corner Ma I see this guy that looks just like Terry ballot and now this was in two thousand. So. You know I'm an Alabama Fan. So I hated Terry about you know I despise them, and so I'm thinking like what what is he doing here? And So we walk in there and go get whatever we wanted to buy, and we get into line and My friend Scott's standing behind me in line and Terry Bowden walks up. Beside him and. He's complaining that they don't have the rotisserie hotdogs. You know like those There's really nasty things you buy and the gas stations he's like complaining about them not having. So I'm sitting there thinking like is this really Terry Bowden I can't believe this. You know this is weird. It's probably like Eleven o'clock at night. And so always said, you know I would give them a piece of my mind I've ever met him. But Paul I chickened out man I didn't say anything to him. You know who he was. My friend Scott. Turns around and ask him he goes hey. Are you Terry Bowden former coach of Auburn divers. When he gets yes, I am. and. He's like, what are you up to nowadays man? He's like I got this great job in New York. City. I'm driving up there right now. To. Be a host of some show. And I just thought it was the weirdest thing the most surreal. This pandemic when this pandemic ends and we can get together I will entertain you for hours with material Algan stories that will. Make your hair stand. Okay. I can imagine. I once. Was About a month into a project about writing a an expose on his tenure at Auburn There was a New York publisher that wants to do it and I was pretty a month into a project and I finally gave up onto because it was going to create some much. Litigation that I didn't really want to spend the rest of my career fighting the Bowden family but but anyway, you brought back some. Some great memories. Zach is up next. Another North Carolina call. We've been heavy in the tar heel state today. Hello. Zack. Hey Paul thanks Michael, how you doing thank you. I just wanted to say I have to listen to to podcasts them away home from work. So I'm usually about two hours behind Now I WANNA say I do fully understand the seriousness of what's going on but. I love the football part of this show. So we'll try to bring a little fun back to it. if GM is so upset about the bulldogs coming into custody Lusa he you know the first game of the season he doesn't have to you know risk a hundred thousand dollars on just send the season down I understand that. I'm not sure I understand it either but it's just one of those situations where there is no really easy explanation sack. We'll come back to that I. Don't know if he's going to back out hundred thousand dollar up to thank you for the call I really do appreciate it. We want to bring a guest on now Pat Dooley from the Gainesville Sun and talk about where we are in maybe where we're going pat thank you appreciate the time as always So where are we? What's going on down there? I wanted to get in on that one, hundred, thousand dollars that I tell you that when I heard that I was like, Oh, I, Wanna I wanNA piece of that. Yeah. Now I'll give you I'll give you mine. Yeah. it's pretty funny stuff but that's that's Jim you know..

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