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To go ahead on this ship we have a oh four remaining here in the fourth quarter and right now is harvard over over lsu twenty three to twenty five thank you very much scott so auburn clinging to a two point lead things keep getting more interesting in the cotton bowl let's check in with bob stevens now now about twelve minister doan oklahoma waiting factor 23 seventeen but with all the wool happy oklahoma twenty seven yardline esat allen eurojust yup it evan guberina with a forty two yards and so on that's u his threat in once again check can twelve twenty two helping at one wife the dan battle back got back into the game if you're in their defense it really is for him back in oklahoma that into seattle of three adding fiber beadle walls instead of found it keep amend this game family alan europe up fourteen for twenty five one hundred eighty nine yards for the touchdown it was a fifteen ordered a kyle order chris warren also like a oneyard touchdown way or baker mayfield fourteen for twenty four thirty one yards attract cap it was up fifty four you order to jeff thought about it uh but he also um at an air section today would love you attach your field goal antler may be all that was just force interception in his last two hundred attempt and its worst interception this even if germany were eighty nine yards on seventeen carries now now why we added fifteen yard touchdown run well oklahoma so you have things how do you up your eleven thirty way to go catch you on the move and called the shooter so though twenty three kevin g i thank you very much bob stevens jacquard preacher standing by where it has been a monsoon district typical the late afternoon rainstorm in miami here's jack regifter it is the last couple of days it's been this quiz there's a uh tropical system just off off the coast and we are great whether through the first three quarters remind you got the ball drive drivers start drizzle as the fourth quarter opened up the skies opened up as well that did not appear to affect miami they went six played seventy five yards under two minutes till last twenty seven yards on a.

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