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Run properly by doing that. And once you see how well your system runs after we've done it, you're going to tell all your friends and you know A big portion of our business over the last several years is all for referrals. You don't because we way want to make sure we're doing such a good job. You know, you're telling your co workers you're telling your people at church or, you know People that ask on social media sites who you recommend, You know, that's the that's the goal. And that's why you know that's why we were willing to do this special for you days so we can get a few more people that can see how good of a job we do it so they can tell all their friends. Well, I have a feeling that's exactly what you're going to be doing when you called Dan Billingsley and the folks that heat wave because I know the job they do. I know how important it is to them. Not just to come in and make sure your a C is working, right? But make sure that you understand how it works. Make sure that you understand why everything is so important and that you know when they walk away, you're more educated. Kind of like I feel today. I'm certainly more educated. I hope you have been as well Dan. I really appreciate your time. I really appreciate the great offer for our news. Radio Wfld listeners. Yeah, you're welcome. I was had a lot of fun here today. And, you know, I'm happy to help your listeners and I look forward to service than them in the future. Um, if you don't mind, I could give that phone number out and we're not. Yeah, please do. All right. Our full number write us down is 8137105757. That's 710. 5757 One more time. It's 8137105757 again. It's a 58 point tune up for $39. It is common sense. I'm getting one. And you should, too. Thank you for joining us today. This has been the air experts radio show right here on news radio. W F L. A The preceding program was paid for by Heatwave CNP LLC. Fortunes of the following program where pre recorded news, traffic and weather thiss is news. Radio F L A W x TV HD to Clearwater. Louisiana on alert for Laura but not Florida. The National Hurricane Center forecast puts the tropical storm on a track over the Dominican Republic.

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