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Augusta, Joliet, W. Lsa discussed on John Howell


Traffic we don't have a lot of problems the Kennedy slows in bound between Augusta and the burn interchange I. eighty in Joliet westbound is slow between breaks and Chicago street where there is an accident there Indiana I. sixty five southbound at state road to a crash blocking two right lanes that is traffic from the W. LSA may ninety traffic center on the weekends the open road with Dr Chicago Walmart tearing this weekend we talk about the Mitsubishi Outlander sport spring and summer card here's a policy and a quick spin segment we talked about the jeep gladiator Mojave Saturday mornings at eight and Sundays into its drive Chicago exclusively on ninety W. L. S. hi it's Lindsay of the home fix it show you've heard me talk about builder supply outlet for years but now here from their customer Donna in sandwich builders it was so easy to navigate the process Meriel and made the whole project she was absolutely wonderful being able to watch her do those three D. designs.

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