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It designed French president trump and I'm here today for Z. French president trump press conference Ross I would like to begin this press conference by showing you this chart. DC's this Arrow. Here's at points to see words we're doing ed or Amandus job see that's the kind of thing you thick news. Lack report, but zero tins UC's the chart where doing a tremendous job. Now, I shall take your questions Mr President. Thank you and it manning New York Newsday sir, we had over one thousand, four, hundred deaths in the United States just yesterday. How is that a tremendous job? Do season. Chart was guy. Got Joan Z. charged says. Hang tormenters job anywhere Mr Rasgas exit past I'm looking towards the future. I'm sure that tomorrow we will have as many philatelists fit ladies fit. Next question next question Mr Bryan. Sir. Thank you Mr President. This is Tony Romo with ABC News. Mr. President. There have been reports that you reach out to South Dakota Governor Christie gnome asking have your face put him not rushmore. I'd do very well in south, but I did not reach out Tizzy Governor Math. Rushmore came to. Is that going to happen Sir is you're going to be at into the side of Mount Rushmore. But moving lit. People want it minute about won't? I. Don't really have time to sit for sculptor I'm president. Donkey. Plus Atom six say we'll get to. Next West John next question. Thank you. Tangerine hail from USA Today. This chart Sir that says, you're doing a tremendous job. What data points is that using does it take into consideration the calls for social justice and the elimination of police brutality but has strong thousands of protesters into our streets. Zet Early Democrat wants today's zero doing narrow job. Done. And we can go right in and clears. Up and it can be done very quickly. I can send ends in National Guy Art or how homeland security or just some guys who were for me when I was just a businessman in New York knick what ZIP done in New York Sept taken away so much from the PD. So Dental One cup just one cup in New York City it's Terry. What's done save one cup we contact plus they won't even let him have a real gun, his water Pastel. It's not even a super silkair. Only, person he could stop as a wicked witch of the West next. Next. Was Joan, Mr. President. I. Yes. Thank you. destiny child with Houston Chronicle you. Keep talking about a rise in crime and democratic run cities. But don't you think the unemployment food insecurity and mental health problems caused or exacerbated by the viruses to blame and don't you take some responsibility for how poorly you've handled the virus at taken new responsibility. This Valerie skin from China. Bene-. Hannah. Brought this this Val Reuss, we have newt had via. reuss Lexus in many years Knudsen's nutty seventeen when we had see Spanish vow Reuss Z. Z. Tequila Lavar. He, Tito Rivera vow. Valerie. It had many names budget was very bad. It killed the people. In fact, it put an end to the war of eighteen twelve because all of the soldiers were sick sick fight next question. Aggressive. Use. Yes. Thank you your honor. I'm so sorry Mr President since Wilson with the evening. Sis Wilson. With the Evening Standard, what's your reaction to Joe? Biden's vice presidential pick. She is a woman who has said many things that are nitto. She doesn't have her facts straight next question. Thank you Mr President Tony Romo again with ABC News. Good to see Tony Sake you so much for the dipping sticks last night. Thank you Mr President Mr President. Have you considered replacing Mike Pence as a result of Biden's choice of Kamala. Harris there are some reports that Mike Pence crazy to his pillow at night at the very thought of debating Kamala Harris satisfaction fake news. That's why you could even get an interview with Fox. News Sean Hannity told me last night while he was blowing. Manners said Fox. News would never hire a shitty report they're like you. Know Mac pawns and his wife Paul's very well, and I noticed that. After Zim, make sure no one is being ganders zip prayed together. And he has to get up. Early to come stare at the back of my head, he not have time to cry into his pillow, not even his map pillow next question Mr President. That's it. Thank you Mr Person and the manning again New York Newsday. It's early to tell of course, but the initial reaction to Biden's pick of Kamala Harris as his running mate seems to be very well received. Does that worry you? NITWIT rate. La Harris has a big problem ended rhymes with wack. She might even move into suburbs. Do you get my meaning? Can you see me wanking? I'm sorry why Ankang? Yes carameli- Harris has a probe lamb and it runs with wreck. And I am White Gang I have one closed you idiot. Oh, you're winking I'm sorry I thought you were just reading the teleprompter next question John. Austin. Tower in Bonn Carlson and Mr President. Could I take a Selfie with the chart? Of course, Karen? Do you want to ask another question oh? Thank you. Mr President I do is there anything I can do around your office to free up your time so that you could pose for the sculptor to have your face carved into Mount Rushmore Shin as of you Karen get back to you. You Know My enemies lack to says it I am newt good women but look at these sink you our on twitter. Just recently said to me but. If you cannot have your face carved into the side of Mount Rushmore would be just said, but you can have it carved into Z. Makeup on this side of my.

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