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Well i think i think it we need to just reconcile with with were comes when you understand where it comes from and i think come you know looking at its origin can help us make more rational decisions um if we're just acting on on impulse if were just acting too you know the force of these ancient evolutionary dynamics cut create a hebron us without thinking about what has come from um you know that's that's that's not a good thing so insight into the evolutionary sciences i think can help us make better choices so on a commuter though i can hear the kim hamza the world saying listen sympathies nonbelievers of god they're saying that they're nothing but just violent animals there nothing but if i am a day they admitted uh make him take that football and just run with it on well you know just as religions are capable of great compassion and and and unity and announce selflessness down so can again can men be capable of all these things it's a mixed bag so focusing on on one aspect of male psychology is not to say that is bet that's it you know that said it sets a unifying description of who we are waiting here about their are i'd you know the positive attributes of the you bolt mailed primate and we get into some of that because again i a rail item already dreading your boxes when apologized are decreasing because you're you're going to have those people who recycle in order to blanket statement it's an over generalization to to say men screwed up the world period which has how many people are going to receive that that have you never seen a female.

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