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Over three hundred opioid overdose through three hundred drug overdose deaths in two thousand sixteen a vast majority of them opioids and the numbers for two thousand seventeen aren't finalized yet but i expect that they if they don't match those two thousand sixteen numbers they'll be comparable and those are just overdose deaths and our emergency room admission numbers have actually jumped from two thousand sixteen to two thousand seventeen and i think that one reason why are overdose death rates aren't even higher than they are is that groups such as attack addiction have been so successful at getting the lock zone which is a medication that can resuscitate people have overdoses they've been so successful at getting that out into the community in the hands of first responders that that a lot of people who would have died from overdoses have been saved otherwise those numbers as as shockingly high as they are would be even higher so they're saved they go to the hospital and as i've spoken with people who are nurses and in other practices at the hospital they say yep and they're back again a month or two with another overdose well that's the problem that we have and and i want to say that you mentioned hospitals christiana in particular has really tried to pay a lot of attention to with dr horton who's the head of of addiction medicine they're refers to as as as a moment when you actually can can have access to to someone with a substance use disorder and try to direct them to treatment so whether it's in the emergency room or even more so if a patient is actually admitted they've developed a pretty robust program there to try to counsel those people matched them up with peers it's more difficult if someone's just admitted to the emergency room and then released that's such a short window of time and there's so much going on in the emergency room that it can be very difficult to to do that and they're trying to figure out ways that they can be better at that for example trying to to contact us people at their homes after they're released but your larger point is correct that if someone overdoses whether it they go to the hospital or whether they're lucky enough not to have to go to the.

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