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I mean, he's why wouldn't he make the move feel like things going to happen? And the women are like not don't worry about it point. Yeah. It's just Ricky is cool personal IM name. I don't think. So the women don't even think their final alliance. The women are like, yeah, we made a one week deal with these students. And catos like, yes. Funnel four. Can't. Wait bricky is definitely not gonna come for us. They promised. Well, they probably. Let me take out one of my own allies. For them. Yeah. It's bad. It's bad. Nice to see like somebody being kind of spun around by the women because I feel like a lot of this is like men talking actual game and women screaming at each other. Glad to see somebody being a man being taken down by two even if it's kiddo. Caitlyn? Yeah. Whatever. Something here. Yes, we do. Then see Ryan notices that these four have been talking for a while. And he's like. Hey taymor. Do you think that they might be working together? Like in an alliance. Locking sounds like Scooby doo. He's. Feel working. Hey, Ryan, you want some Scooby snacks you want some luck. These snacks. This is next. Look, it's bird. Oh. Anyway. So Ryan is like, hey, hey, Samar think they're working together. And tame our says, yeah, they are. They're an alliance. Also, Ricky is with them. Okay. That's dangerous. Good to know. Yeah. And Ryan like, well, maybe the rest of us should be. Hm? Wait a minute. So if Tom Cato Lolo Natalie Ricky, our lines than maybe that means that's five there's ten maybe we I'm me, Joey Dina. Rickie handy. Seriously, did mention Rinke. Lookout. Wait a minute. Can we trust tricky? No. With them. Unbreakable alliance right is point together the the here. Yes. So, but he does go to Dina. And he says, hey, those four are working together potentially with bricky. So we so we should get together with candy, and Rick and Joey and make this happen. We can be in an alliance. It'll be great and dean is like, yes, I agree. I'm all aboard. Yes. And so then you down gets Joey he gets Joey on board. Joey, Joey, Joey. Yeah. Absolutely, bro. Yeah. Let's do it. And then some Burke's, and we'll be good, and then some push-ups, and then it'll be great. But then they're like can we trust Ricky? I don't know about. Because thinking is definitely the strong suit of these two Joey and Ryan I think we did skip over time wise that Cato did have his conversation with Tamar, and they hashed out the thing when taymor said, I'm not sad about my son. I'm here for my son. Don't don't don't be worrying about that. And catos like. Sorry about that. I was told in all of this stuff and things may not be as they seem as the great Julie, Chen, moon, visits and. The maybe maybe you'll end up being safe. And maybe there's another plan in the works. Yeah. Maybe wait. That's Kato says to her. Well, look, I added. Some more words he said things might not be as. Weirdly confident. Being. I try to get their essence. Just clarifying. But he wasn't like, ooh. Never know. Twins. Basically, let's like, hey, we're going to be we're going to be back touring. Ryan don't worry about it. So then we get DNA in Kato talk. This is after Ryan approaches DNA with this idea for a an alliance and DNA is telling Kato, hey. I don't like what you did. She tries to make him feel bad for for what happened. And she says like what what do I need to do to stay here because I want stay, and I wanna work with you guys. I like you guys what what happened? Why is this happen to us Cato? And he basically implies like when the veto. And you know, maybe there's a backdoor option for maybe somebody named Ryan. And she's like, oh, yeah. Great. I would love for Ryan's ago. I'm totally onboard. What about their new unbreakable alliance? Look Deena who knew she's a backstabber. Cato was right all along, man. Dino is some good instincts here. I think that it seems as though Ryan and Joey are sinking ship. She is not going to go down with that ship, and she is going to try and work way in with Tom and Cato, which is what they should have done all along. But. She's she's managing to go. Talk to Tom..

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