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The moment that people used to say this to me they would be like. You don't have to do that yourself. You know you could hire someone to reply comments. You could hire someone to do this or that on instagram. And i'm like if i do anything at the end of the day. I don't wanna do expires over here. The history of the business. I wanna be in touch with the community because that's my why and so. I think it's really important for you to stay connected to all the people that you're actually speaking to then if you're in a meeting and everyone's like oh what should we do next. You're gonna know exactly what to do next because you have that community. Intelligence of what will be the best thing since sliced watermelon. Because you've been listening gary v. actually. I saw that he he replies to everything he reads everything and he said he doesn't have to sit around and strategize about what to do next because he's listening so you're actually going to save yourself time by being really connected to people who fallen you. Yeah i still do it. And i'm obsessed with it. And i love that you do it and i think it's something that i rather outsource everything else because i'm addicted to community building. It's kind of like the thing that got me here so ironically i'm almost afraid to give it up and i realized that now with wanting to launch another product. I'm like no. I need to know what these women want. And what they're saying. So i'm afraid to outsource it because i'm afraid i'll lose the connective tissue with my audience. Yeah and i think being part of your own communities important to like i'm a forever. Two hundred announcement toned up mon. And i found it really motivating to be part of the community. You can be a leader in your community but if you're truly part of it then you're living breathing it and you'll know all the decisions that you have to make because you're also your own consumer. I think that that's a really big thing too are you are you completely in it. Where do you think that you're just running it. You can't. I don't know if you run it then you might be running away from it. Yeah yeah i agree. I know some people like some mutual friends even will say oh. Just get a va and just have that done. Why are you even responding to those. But i'll dedicate an hour or two a day just to sit there and do it but i'm also on the treadmill or i'm gonna walk. I'm working out. And i love it. I don't know if i should still love it. But i do and so to me. It's one of the most important things i do. It seems like it's not but it really is. It's funny. I have the text platform to community. And i'll respond to text messages and i go to that and the people were like. Is this really you mike. How fascinating is that where someone actually thinks that. I would hire someone to even respond to my text messages. It's harder to pretend than it is to just be you and i agree higher for as soon as you can hire for the things that aren't really connected to your y like are you here to do excel spreadsheets. No but are you here to connect with your community. Yes so just keep doing that. And that'll be really easy for you to make decisions to growing and scaling your team where you get to know as soon as you scale your team. It doesn't mean that it's less work for you. It means that you get to start. Doing what is really in your heart. And that's why. I'm really grateful for our team at hundred up and then beautifully. I don't have any employees. But i love my freelance boss babes and they're amazing and i i absolutely love everybody because i'm like thank goodness for you because that would have taken me ten hours to figure out because i've already experienced trying to figure things out. It's really good when you can start scaling working with amazing and brilliant women. I love it. We're going to close it out on live beautifully in a second. What this is what you launched and where it's going but i i know the listener is super curious because people love knowing how people work out what they eat and of course. You're into wellness and fitness. How has it changed since being a mom and being so busy now. And what is fitness mean to you. Now what does that roughly look like your your workouts food. How is it chain now being a mom and just being so busy basically how do you look so hi. How are you a hot mom. Give us give us. The deeds chasing a toddler is a workout and eating goldfish and eating the rest of their yogurt that they left over as you were saying. Something like yeah. I've seen goldfish all day. I'm like i could look like her one day after a kid. If i eat. I i actually have a hard time with waste blake. Brian thinks mortar. But if she doesn't finish your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I eat it as she doesn't eat her the leftover lake. I'll find the crackers stuff on the ground. I'm like oh. I can't waste that so gross. Okay guys write this down crackers to a hot mom one day. Okay got this. i'm not. I've never been a strict. Dieter i think the more that you itemize things that you put in your body like calories and everything. I know that a lot of people like to cut their matt rose or that. The more that i do that the more. I know myself from years ago if i count calories than i'm going to start having a bad relationship with food and so i don't think that you should count. How many things you're putting in your body. I think they eat to feel your body. The wanna have a little bit of your toddlers peanut butter sandwich. that's cool too. I don't believe in cheat days. I think that cheating as a negative words. Then you're going to be left thinking that it's really the you did something bad..

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