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A crime would make it hard to and beyond that. It just wouldn't be fair to accuse someone when they aren't able to defend themselves in court. The concerns about the fairness of such a determination would be heightened in the case of a sitting president where a federal prosecutors cuter accusation of a crime. Even in an internal report could carry consequences that extend beyond the realm of criminal justice. Here's Daniel Hemel again. So he says he's bound by the O.. L. C. Opinion and he could just leave that there and then say I I can't indict them but I think he committed obstruction. Instead he makes a move he says I can't indict him and therefore it would be unfair for me to reach a conclusion as to obstruction. That then couldn't be tested in a court of law. Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein knew about the. Yeah well see memo. When he tasked Muller as special counsel so the charge was Was Not not just to write a book report. Nothing in the memo says That you can't reach a conclusion as the ability of the President says that you can indict the president is that and I understand the fairness argument. But Gosh she's the president of the United States. He's got a big bully. Pulpit that he can use is to defend himself. These are allegations that can be ultimately tested in a court of law. We might just have to wait until twenty twenty one for that prosecutors osecutors all the time reached judgments about the ability of a defendant even though they know there will be some time before that matter is definitively resolved by a court but Muller wants to be clear if he had been able to exonerate the president of crimes he would say so and he isn't saying that if we had had confidence the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said sell the evidence since we obtained about the president's actions and intent presents difficult issues that prevent us from conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred heard accordingly while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime. It also does not exonerate him. Mary mcchord says has it's not all that difficult to read between the lines of what Muller is saying here there is a lot in here that certainly paints the president in a very very bad light and so to my mind it went to the very very edge of going ahead and saying he committed a crime without going right over over the edge and saying he committed crimes. You can read between the lines. When he says substantial versus SOM- versus being more equivocating? You can Kinda tell from to me. Which wjr instances he and his team felt had the most significant evidence would have supported a prosecution? Muller has collected the evidence an assembled the record but he won't say whether he thinks the President committed crimes. He'll only say that he doesn't think it's clear that the president is innocent. Muller has written his report and he's left it to some other future prosecutor to make the decision but there's a problem that muller it doesn't appear to have seen coming attorney general bill bar good evening. President trump calls the complete and total exoneration today attorney. General William William Barr released his summary of special counsel Robert. Muller to report. Muller doesn't get to just released his report to the public under the regulations. He's got to go through the attorney attorney general and when bar gets the report he doesn't just release the redacted version right away and he doesn't release the executive summaries that Muller wrote himself either instead bar writes his own summary of the document after nearly two years of investigation. Thousands of subpoenas hundreds of warrants and witness interviews. The special counsel confirmed that the Russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere with the two thousand thousands sixteen presidential election but did not find that the trump campaign or other Americans colluded in those efforts after finding finding no underlying collusion with Russia. The report recounts ten episodes involving the President and discusses potential legal theories for connecting acting those activities to the elements of an obstruction of fence. So Muller's report in March of course went to bar and Bar summarized Christ it promptly and then over a few weeks redacted it lightly and then released it and summarized it again and so the you know the Muller report largely largely emerged but it emerged in a sort of velvet box of padding prepared by the Attorney General and barred asides that Muller's refusal to make traditional prosecutorial judgment doesn't leave the question open for future prosecutor to decide after the president leaves office instead. He he says that because Muller leaves the Question Open Bar himself as attorney general gets to answer it and according to bar the president didn't commit commit a crime after carefully reviewing the facts and legal theories outlined in the report and in consultation with the office of Legal Counsel and other the department lawyers the Deputy Attorney General and I concluded that the evidence developed by the special counsel is not sufficient to establish that the president committed and obstruction of justice. Offense in other words bar. Read the report the same one you've listened to over the past fourteen episodes and and decided there wasn't anything there to support a claim that the president obstructed justice and so he was declining to prosecute By inserting a declaration decision. Barmaid it far more difficult for future. Prosecutors to contemplate bringing charges members of Congress aren't unhappy about what bar has done here Senator Richard Blumenthal. You ignored in that press conference and in the summary. Marie that Robert Muller found substantial evidence. And it's in the report and we have a chart that shows the element of that crime in ten interference with an ongoing investigation and the obstructive. So I think that your credibility is undermined within the department in this committee and with the American people and when the actual redacted report is finally released least there are big discrepancies between bar summary and what Muller had written I thought bars summary of Muller's report was deeply unfortunate fortunate because it mischaracterized the report. The can't hold them side. By side and see the same thing bars summary I think unfairly characterized molars findings I know that Bob Mueller had in mind that the attorney general would determine and determine publicly that there was insufficient evidence to charge the president and and that they would therefore decline that surprise me first of all. I don't think there's insufficient evidence. Quite the contrary I think the evidence of obstruction of justice and the muller reports overwhelming. If the special counsel makes.

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