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The facts ninety two point one fm hd two memphis and heart radio station now become formation battle jack callaghan fox news supreme court on monday shortly after president trump named his pick to fill a supreme court vacancy president trump has nominated dc circuit court judge brett cavanaugh judge cavanaugh has impeccable credentials unsurpassed qualifications and a proven commitment to equal justice under the law and kevin all said he's up to the task for what will likely be a bruising confirmation battle if confirmed by the senate i will keep an open mind in every case republicans control the senate and if cavenaugh is confirmed it could push divided court further to the right for decades to come to jon decker in the morning vice president pence will escort judge cavanaugh to capitol hill for meetings with key senators in advance of his confirmation hearings white house press secretary sarah sanders says the president expects the judge capital will be confirmed by the senate by october first with a high court begins its next term arizona senator john mccain being treated for cancer will likely be available for the confirmation vote but he has should've statement calling judge cavanaugh amani with impeccable credentials a strong record of upholding the constitution nineteen elite divers have gone back into that flooded tie cave hoping to bring out the last four boys and their coach trapped there about the eight rescued already been told that a few of them are showing signs of infection to a showing signs of possible lung infection but on the whole they're in good health and in good spirits the first four boys now eating soft and walking around their beds they were all brought out in sunglasses to protect that is after of course this two week ordeal which we now hope will also conclude for the remaining four boys football guy news correspondent sally lockwood said this mission could take several hours fox news fair and balanced he's a fox thirteen weather update and bucks thirteen meteorologist elizabeth de amaury we'll see isolated showers and maybe a few thunderstorms to the overnight hours temperatures will be in the seventies tomorrow arranging to stay up and it's also wanna feel like the low one hundred's tomorrow afternoon we'll play out for you tomorrow morning on fox thirteen good morning memphis starting at four thirty from the fox sports studios in los angeles here's any garcia baseball games not red sox blanked the rangers five nothing that is seven wins in a row for boston and their lead atop the al east is now a two and a half games on new york has the achey split a double header with the orioles losing game one five to four winning the second game tend to double header between the mets and phillies also turned out as a split new york wins the first game four three philadelphia goes back for a three one win in the second game so the phillies remain tied with idol atlanta for the top spot in the east eleven innings with the giants to walk up with a two one win over the cubs ten innings for the marlins to walk off with the four through it over the brewers social kogyo in milwaukee both lose that means that the brewers still at the game in athlete on the cubs atop the central dodgers padres aid to to la moves game and half back of idle arizona in the west race nba news the la clippers ford lukamba to a one year deal worth four point three million soccer semifinal actually the world cup gets underway tuesday to eastern on fox france versus belgium the news you want to know supreme court nominee overturn roe versus wade the news polishing is.

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