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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go. It's a big day on Ellen on the go guys. It's a big day David Letterman, the one and only David Letterman reminisces on the Ellen show about many things, including our very own Mary be calm. That's right. You heard Eddie Ben Stiller plays around the five. Second rule. Offset of migos fame opens up about his car accident and about how he got Cardi B back and Ellen dishes on some life lessons. Inspired by Taylor swift. I'm Ed glavin. I'm Andy last ner. I'm Mary Connolly. I'm coming leaving the second. This is Andy on the go and. But really today this this. We're going to kick off talking about Mary Connolly, we're gonna things we're gonna talk about Mary Connolly up. We're gonna talk about David Letterman. Sure. And and Mary Connolly for those who don't know came up on the David Letterman show started as the receptionist worked her way up to producer produced all the celebrity guests for Dave. But also developed a relationship with Dave where she was kind of one of the favorites and he'd play baseball with her in the office. He put her on the show where she would throw footballs with actual NFL quarterbacks because she knew how to throw a football and things came full circle for you. They last week with Dave. And why don't you tell everyone? Well, it's true. I started out as a and NBC and then got hired to work on late night with David Letterman and stayed through into the transition to late show with David Letterman CBS, and I had a great friendship with Dave. We had a we had a lot of. Fun together, and I would brief him on segments. I was a segment producer there, and I would brief him on segments. And while I would do that. We would either toss a football or toss the baseball when I left the show. It was a it was a tough. It was a tough split bittersweet. I'm sure it was bittersweet because I just said that I was leaving. I didn't give the show a chance to make me an offer to get me to stay. I you had made up your mind to move to California. And that that hurt Dave's feelings and understandable understand now seventeen years later, David Letterman appears on the Ellen show. Yes. And all that just washed away and his fondness for you was really really fun to to see and be around it. It was it was very sweet low obvious. How much she loved you? So sweet well heave. It will play. What will play you a clip this? I will be this is going to be Dave telling the story about Dave and Mary. Having a cash for the baseball. To sixth floor of thirty rock the fourteenth fourteen Ed floor, so only eight stories higher the floor, and and a baseball going through the window. So let's start with that take a listen to that we're back with David Letterman. And I am fortunate enough when I started this show sixteen years ago, we had a great group of executive producers one of which is Mary who was a producer on your show for years. But Kosei Mary was a producer on the show for years. How many years ten years I was at the show. Macro tenure but more than a producer..

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