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The drive this will be the night play it drive that was extended by a fourth down make a pass from drew Crispin Cyril they picked up twenty one yards in the first down Bristol or for the badgers goes out he went head to head with another defender and he is in the injury to your side second in cruel cruel heiau state from the seven play action now feels looking to the back of the end zone it's called the end but by Chris so loving and a penalty flag is going to be thrown in the late I was thrown away after Eric morale was on the coverage the only thing I could think is maybe the receiver stepped out of bounds on the back of the end zone and then was the first to touch the ball I think that's what it was but he never actually got back in to make the cash so it wouldn't have been a good catch either way there is no way the receiver never re established and bombs the ruling on the field is an incomplete pass third and goal from the seven this a big third down it is a big third down play by the way that play was very well defended that was on a lot of stuff going on up into the plastic with this process and everything and very disciplined depressed by Wisconsin right there Ohio state one for five on third down third and goal from the seven shot gun the Los four fields time to throw one gets away from the defender now is going to be just war Wisconsin soon.

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