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The lines all the tickets Cathy o'neil is here from the Irish American or the center mark Peters is here he will also be performing at Irish fest and James Connolly as I mentioned if you want all of James is dates James Conway dot net there we got all the plugs in all right so we're talking about we talk about the music always fun we know there's a we know there's going to be a place to get a beer or two at Irish fest that's the beauty and I've said this to anybody who will listen many times you go to a fast and you walk in a long way to find the music and then once you find the music you've got to figure out now I got to find where the beers the beauty of Irish fest is no matter where you turn your they're facing a music stage or appear to and they're usually in very close proximity so you don't have to miss your favorite musicians while you get yourself a drink and that is not that is not playing into a stereotype it is beautiful planning eight fest planning to so people can enjoy what they're there for and they don't have to travel and there's never there's never huge lines for anything as crowded as the first gets because of the way it's laid out because of the amount of thought that you and the committee put into Irish fest it's a great flow and everything works perfectly it is we really we realize that people really do love the music on and I want to get a good view and I want to have a beer so a lot happens in that parking lot you know it's a it's a it's an old school and it's a giant is eighty six thousand square foot building and that's why we have six stages you know if you want to go inside and and catch a band and then you can going to go awesome step dancing in the auditorium go up to our second floor which is our arts wing yes in what goes on up there because it's not only during our stress but Irish fest is a great time to showcase what the center does the entire year yes we have a museum and art gallery a library up in the second floor to fall on so we aim to to have programming all weekend on the second floor so if you hit the second floor you can go to the tea room and get a Cup of tea and a Scone and head down the other end and taken a language lesson or genealogy I workshop in the library we also have quilting and spending that died demonstration so people can come in and watch creating art again very Butler in in the art gallery and also at the end of the hallway we have musicians all weekend long from the schools playing the sort of pop up performances so kids from any age from about ten to about eighteen just playing in the hallway as you come down the hallway is my close to giving Bayern listens again he is he's going to be giving lessons on Saturday very nice right before the boys play yes how are your lessons going who I can you know at the Polk James the poke is what kills me I can do every I could do jigs and reels and and and everything else I can't the polka well you're in good hands with like us yeah he's he does a very nice job all right so there's all this culture on the second floor you can take a break there's also crafts or shops people love to spend money it fast so there's all kinds of places for them to spend money the two we have probably about twenty five or thirty vendors and that's everything from about six food vendors with selling things like fishing ships and shepherd's pie and even something called the Irish egg roll which doesn't really sound good but it is the yeah so great yeah or a corn beef in there too and then I guess shop is open and they have really great gifts and also if you don't essential to give where does he know what do you want to tell what happened you you know there was a dairy Conan o'brien it goes back to colonel brining Conan o'brien did if they what he wanted to give up and he went crazy I take toss and so he would scream ten dollars and then it became a thing where people would walk into the gift shop Hey you know Ted told was to the point where the the people who run the gift shop very nice people very thoroughly they're hard working they're lovely they don't have a sense of humor because they had put up a sign that said please don't yell taters well I don't respond well to hand written signs in black sharpie so I of course he'll Taito and then I came on this show and I then basted the for heavy the head rail so I think a lot of that they love to shout out but third they took the side he did it which is good so they're open all weekend are we also have about fifteen or twenty vendor selling king of T. shirts the big gold sweat people will buy the Irish better so yeah jewelry in CD's books so it's just a really great mix of people out there selling what they make for a living too so it is wonderful handmade items as well so all right so Friday the hours are six to midnight Saturday the hours of noon to midnight Sunday the hours are noon to eleven PM but if you come a little early some people like to come out for the mass which is really beautiful mass with father Scott Donahue from I'm missing home yes I think girls with our one of our he did it and don't fit in the hall of fame and are here to singers require city do this beautiful out during mass on our main stage very nice that had thirty it here's the thing one you don't have to be ours to attend in fact we would prefer if you're not ours because then you'll be even more envious of the people are Irish so calm come and enjoy it we always need volunteers we always need volunteers at the fast you into your wife for some of our best phone tears well not no not so there's a lot we volunteer we are nowhere.

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