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My hair would not accommodate any other look than the look i have now right i okay max a paddle will back me up i don't know many people that can do this max frei you're not old enough you matt you're barely old enough i was i lived all the way through the 80s there should be pictures of me with crazy fucked up hair yeah i don't have any pictures my hair is always exactly the same as it is now yeah exactly the same thing can pictures of me it's at seventeen or nineteen and and so my my brother who's a little older he didn't have real long hair but he he did get into this look a little bit more but i was always like doing or military to in yeah i was always doing like rotc and celebratory staff and so it was always a short hair you know kinda thing yeah we got a before and after allow we wanted nazi save river ministerial longshoremen right so we'll put that up oh so here's meet you had military sheet you had hair you have hair that is capable of going off the rails yeah you could have gone full mullah like your brother yeah by now as kind of feather in the front he had kind of a rod stewart a thing going on number one nothing to do with my hair yeah you couldn't do it i could try but it when work that's number one number two look like eugene livvy that's exactly right okay number two no money for any kind of clothing fashion anything like to see a picture of me when i say when i'm twenty one there's even zach wild at me and my buddy kraz who has long hair now here he looks like the lead singer from in excess but guess who has short hair right now yeah my body chris maxwell they still have that shirt is there.

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