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Is the normal commodities update but told us what was going on over there and at the time in Augusta and Augusta yeah and Butler county by the way it's been really they've gotten the sucker punch this morning with the a lot of rain over there and even some water rescues in Butler County so yeah lighting is the key we're gonna see some flooding around the area possibly today so watch out for that but to Amanda we may not be through with severe weather for the weekend because we do have a you know severe of weather in the forecast over the next forty eight hours into Saturday and Sunday so even right here and we'll keep you posted coming up at nine o'clock this morning on news early morning storms batter central Kansas will have details on that coming up with Stephen Ted she would have the morning on ninety thirty and thirteen thirty ninety seven thirteen thirty K. and SS thanks for listening every pro on the job as a go to latter day exclusive twenty three foot gorilla multi position ladder combines all the letters you need in one it's also the first multi position ladder with the project top cap let you hang your tools right where you need them where you work and the only place you can go for this lab is the home depot the gorilla twenty three foot multi position ladder only at home depot dot com how do I get more done this is your personal information on your laptop in this is what happens when you connect to the coffee shop wifi or buy something.

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