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The top of the hour and the Boilermakers headed to the season off a year with a bowl game yes but they had a winning conference record in twenty eighteen for the first time in a dozen years the highlight of that was the four touchdown victory at hold on to the lights against Ohio state so you understand the expectations but they blew a seventeen point lead at the vat open the season they have lost quarterback Alisa single are among others and they headed to the day wanted three coach Jeff brown sat to start his Monday press conference this week I just read a laundry list of guys were injured and won't be able to play so when he and I spoke I asked Jeff brown what's it like to go to a game week with facts as the backdrop what's it like well I mean it makes the job a little tougher and without question it is you know we we allow young players in there and it's our job to develop you're ready to play but right now we're. we've got work to do is the probably nice way to put it and we've just got to work hard to you know gradually get better and that's kind of been the. sure we have ahead of us is just seeing if we can improve as a team because we have a long ways to go so it's one of those players who is going to be out today is one of the most explosive play makers in all of college football on Ron Dale bore how hard is that make the rest of the offense would you don't have a guy like that. well he's a tremendous asset to our football team and he's played outstanding ever since the days got here and yes he's very valuable for us really it's just about now all the you know you don't have to kind of maybe try to get Rondell involved and get it throws me times now it's just gonna be Hey we're gonna run some plays and there might be one player that's slightly better than the other but the all the others are young still learning getting better and we just got a you know spread the ball around and you'll hang in there and try to get this thing the second half so it's this might be a stupid question but you take out a team that won fifty nine nothing last week so how art is this the game to say you have to play better. well you know I I'll say this the no I watch a lot of video every year and when I started watching this week yeah and they're really really good and other planet probably at the highest level I've seen in Plano while the defense is outstanding other bigger stronger physical they can run it can tackle they can hit hard actually the very aggressive in their scheme I mean they're playing at a high level and on offense you know they got a couple key good play makers they got a good young quarterback in a good offense a line and you know this is as good as I've seen them in quite a while and credit goes to the players and coaches but their plan at a very high level head coach Jeff brown with this year on Westwood One at coach you like many coaches around the country are stepping up to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy the lethal genetic disorder affecting young man you're wearing the patch the cure M. D. today on the sideline what is this initiative mean to you well what a question it means a lot for all those that affected by the disease you know we want to do our part and we want to support in every way we can definitely want to get back in and let other people know that you know we we care about the all those things and and we want to help any way possible you can help coaches try to find a cure go to coach to cure and D. dot all work Purdue head coach Jeff prom good luck today against Penn state okay body country should have a good day. Boilermakers net Elian's kickoff coming up just past the top of the hour but when we return one gave already this week with the right key even one ranked team already down this is west was coverage of NCAA football. whether it's around the corner which means your ride better be ready.

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