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The funding the police is becoming a campaign issue president trump is now using it as an attack line against the presumptive democratic nominee former vice president Joe Biden the editorial page editor of The New York Times has resigned after a newsroom protest against a column calling for the military to put down civil unrest across the country impairs David Folkenflik reports a column was seen as a step too far James Bennett joined the times four years ago and let its editorials in a progressive direction even as he moved to draw more conservative voices to its pages some of those moves Spahn controversy among readers and reporters though the editorial pages are run separately from news reporting on Wednesday the times posted the column calling for a military response by senator Tom cotton an Arkansas Republican hundreds of times journalists protest online that would further threaten journalists publisher A. G. Sulzberger initially defended posting the column later he apologised to staff Bennett resigned Sunday Salzburger said there'd been a significant breakdown in editing and that wasn't the first in recent years Katie Kingsbury a Pulitzer winner for commentary will serve as acting editorial page editor David Folkenflik NPR news New York City begins to re open its economy this morning after suffering catastrophic losses in the covert nineteen pandemic impairs Brian Mann reports one of the big challenges now is mass transit in normal times more than five million people pack on the New York subways every work day governor Andrew Cuomo acknowledges social distancing is nearly impossible in the city's crowded trains and buses but he says everything possible is being done to make them safe the subway cars at this infected the Long Island rail road's disinfected new York's economy has been devastated by the shut down this restart includes cautious first steps construction manufacturing curbside pickup for retail as well as some office workers masks are still required in all more than twenty thousand deaths in New York City have been linked to cover nineteen so far Brian Mann NPR news New York this is NPR the UK's moved require travelers to the country to quarantine for fourteen days to curb the spread of the corona virus is being met with opposition from the airline industry easyjet CEO says it should be challenged in court the British government introduced to quarantine plan today despite the threat of legal action the census bureau says by this week almost all of its local offices for the twenty twenty census will have re opened after shutting down because of the pandemic NPR's Hansi lo long reports of the offices have been sending workers out to rural areas has been waiting for months to receive census forms this week the census bureau says it's a re opening more local census offices in California Maryland New Jersey New York Texas and Virginia some of those offices will restart the hiring of door knockers will be sent out beginning in August to visit homes have been asked about the census but haven't done so yet the only census office with out of the opening plan is in window rock Arizona capitol the Navajo nation which has been suffering from the highest per capita infection rate for the quarter virus in the U. S. bureau is playing to finish counting for the senses by October thirty first the results to determine how many congressional seats and electoral college votes each state gets for the next decade on the long NPR news New York a big storm that began battering the Gulf coast over the weekend is weakening as it moves and lan Cristobal is now a tropical depression made landfall in southeast Louisiana last night as a tropical storm bringing heavy rain and top winds clocked at fifty miles per hour at last check Cristobal was centered north of baton Rouge as it makes its way north on trial Snyder NPR news support for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include heather stirred Hager and Paul G. Hager supporting African wildlife foundation working to ensure wildlife and wildlands thrive in modern Africa learn more at.

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