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Miami Dade County police bomb squad and canine units swept the mail distribution center. Earlier this evening. Correspondent Rosa Flores has more Cording to Miami Dade police. Now, they say that they are on scene as a precautionary measure that they are working with their federal partners this ongoing investigation regarding the suspicious packages law enforcement officials told the Associated Press. The devices containing timers and batteries, we're not rigged like booby-trapped package bonds that would explode upon opening, but they're still uncertain. If those devices were never intended to cause any physical harm President Trump says he's taking steps to lower prescription drug prices. He said today that for decades other countries have rigged the system, so Americans pay more. He says Americans are now going to pay the price as other countries pay under a proposal announced by the department of health and human services payment for certain drugs administered in doctor's offices would shift to a level based on international prices. The man accused of shooting announced dentist in a murder for hire plot is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of capital murder. Christopher love faces the death penalty in the killing of Kendra Hatcher. Judge. Tracey Holmes read the verdict. We the jury unanimously find the defendant guilty of capital murder is Charleston. The indictment. And that is the unanimous verdict of the jury deliberation. The sentencing phase of that trial will get underway on Monday downloads. Police are looking for a man who police say attempted to sexually assault of woman in her apartment in the Highland meadows area of Dallas was awakened by unknown. Lied millwood entered or better. Supposed to make decisions all victim was she was able to fight them off and chase him out of the front door. corP, DaMarcus black says he's about twenty five years old five three with a slight build. He has black curly hair Brown eyes and possible acne scars on his face. He was last seen wearing jeans and a blue button down shirt that incident happened around four thirty in the morning October nineteenth. If you have any information on it. You're asked to call police again clouds diminishing overnight, low fifty fifty seven now in Fort Worth from the WBZ news desk. I'm Mickey Briggs. Your next update at eleven thirty twenty four seven coverage at WBZ dot com..

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President Trump, Murder, Miami discussed on Chris Krok

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