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Heard in addiction to prescription painkillers attorney general jeff sessions and pennsylvania police have found the remains of one of four young men who have been missing the victim identified as nineteen year old deem fina charriol police say his remains were found in a 12foot grave with other human remains 20yearold suspect cosmo dinar does being held on five million dollars bond on wall street the dow is up twenty three points you're listening to abc news by be a allah and wbalcom on air 979 fm hd two wbal newsradio 1090 these he's wbal news now with bill vanko banda's you just heard from abc cardi's and pennsylvania are still working to identify more of the bodies they found a metformin bucks kelly last night but a fourth body has already been identified as one of the men went missing last week one of the men still an unidentified who was a student at loyal university here in maryland and wbal's robert lang says his family is speaking out today rob bill about an hour ago bucks county district attorney net weintrob held a news conference in among other things released a written statement from jimmy patrick's family it was a biography of the nineteen year old who was beaten due to begin his sophomore year oil and next month the family says jimmy lives in new town pennsylvania with his grandparents sharon enrich he measures in business at loyd all agree tens on a full scholarship he finished his freshman year on the dean's list the biography also says he was working at a restaurant this summer in bensalem pennsylvania and its sights he was an honors graduate of the holy ghost prep school and bensalem and was an accomplice youth baseball player as of this moment authority he's have.

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