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Normally the people are making peace with Proxies come just get together. Abba chats make peace but in rome the incident itself might be acted out again. They might. Whack clings homesick. Things or ten each other. Like a pantomime or something. Essentially yes isn't fascinating recess. Yes interesting quite like that. You mentioned giovanni sir can be and he was one of the chroniclers that give a lot of the description about the bianchi. His my question is from your from your description. It was about forty chapters of description on things involved in the processions and probably like anecdotes about things happening on the processions and so on. So why do you think he put so much time into writing about this particular year this particular event any so interested in the outpouring of a popular religious expression. Like what what does it strike you as that. She succumbs clinically. This enormous thing starts eleven divided very much. The history of nuclear as town and see can be in the employee of the family so this is one of the big families in look at this point in time now. The good energy family win a coup. Very shortly after the gamekeeper's professions. Okay and in fact they use the plague and as a way to very much arrived am any kind of democracy. Going on in luca. When play captains most rich people flee to the countryside the gucci stayed. Yes a couple of some died but then very much consolidated their power at this set the stage for them to have a successful coup clever. And so i don't know why some companies invited quite much space to the yankee. I suppose he may be sort is exceptional. So all the chroniclers fight about to describe it as exceptional it's not exceptional and in the grand scheme of medieval religious movements is very similar to things like the children's crusade sheldon's say a such. It's that kind of thing. Professor can be the first time he'd witnessed something like this. Large scale arjun stories. How depression started various lousy. He includes kind of five or six. Different laude the inter. Everyone's intra the actinium..

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