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The force with welcome to the twenty minute movie review. Today's movie is the rise of skywalker in movie directed by J.J. Abrams starring Adam driver Daisy Ridley and company with a run time of about two hours and sixteen minutes. This review is certainly a very emotional one for me This is a movie. I've been waiting for for some time. It's the final chapter in the skywalker. Saga which spans over forty plus years. You know. I remember going to see my first when I was about six or seven. So you can kind of calculate how old I am from that But I gotta say without sounding cornball or cheesy. This is a very tough goodbye. There's a lot of things I'm GONNA touch on. I'm trying my best to keep Leonard Twenty minutes. This is the only one I have a lot of trouble with because I have so many thoughts We saw the movie on Thursday night a day before it opens up nationally. And and I have my awesome star. Wars Park on I have my beautiful Star Wars crocs. Yes I said that correctly star wars crocs Fox they are phenomenal but it was a Thursday showing nine fifty match three. By the way. If you haven't seen a movie that way okay. I cannot recommend that enough I max an three d together are just. It's a whole different ballgame. It's it's amazing but it's so refreshing to kind of look around around and see all these passionate star wars fans just here for that last chapter to here to say goodbye it. I'm not saying it didn't feel like a funeral. Oh it felt more like a thank you and thanks for everything. Thanks for the memories. That's the way I certainly felt and I could tell other people kind of had that same mentality -ality except for the kids sitting behind me. You know drinking talking sporadically throughout the movie. Please and I've said this a lot if you go to the movies and you feel like you're one of those people that can't shut their mouths. You can't stay off your cell phone please. Just don't go stay home like this. Movie is one that people the winning for for years and years and years and you know these kids innocent enough. We've all been there but kind god'll just stay home. I mean I'm tickets are not cheap to begin with and to. There's so many people there because they there to say goodbye to this the skywalker Guy Walker. Saga they're there to say goodbye to this franchise. It's been their life. I mentioned my case forty plus years for so many years and for someone to think think they can destroy that and take that apart that bothers me. There was a few other issues in the theater. Not near me. It's like a re stuff online about people being on their cell L. Phone and of course there's absolute eight holes that on facebook wherever that loved to ruin movies and post spoilers and it's just I don't okay people like there's people that just seemingly loved destroying your joy that extends outside of movies as well and it's like you know go f yourself like you're not here I mean it's just it's a very sick mentality to have it really truly is and long story short they completely destroy the movie for us. I I you know you'll hear from I review what I think of the movie but I don't know I'll never understand people that go to theaters and maybe it's subconsciously so you don't realize they're absolutely destroying movie even when you're like innocently talking to somebody next to you. You know many times older people do this. And not realize they're talking out loud like for me the cinemas Mike Cathedral the church is Mike. If you dress where I go to just you know just just key decompress. It's a place of passion for me. It's a place of solitude for me I love it and for people to go there and kind of ruin that I have so many problems with but let's move on with the good stuff. Okay so the rise of skywalker emission as almost a two and two hour and twenty minute runtime and it did feel like Our saying goodbye to a friend and I don't know the movie looks phenomenal the movie itself when you sit there the movie just POPs off the screen it this so good so well put together from that point of view from just popping off the screen the way it looks it's Jj that's such a great job with that I I gotTa tell you what I loved about them. If you're right so that was one I love you. And you'll see that the force kinda takes a new level right. The powers displayed by those who have the force in this movie. Rise to a new level in that was awesome so awesome. I love the fact that the gang was all back together. That made me feel so happy to finally after all these movies. You See Paul and thin and you know ray together. It was really great C. Three Po rt to they're all Carrie Fisher to some degree to it so to see them together. And that's rewarding in itself you. You know there's some other things The Sixth Planet I thought was kind of cool. Little thing there. You'll see that when you guys go to the theater not again none of these. I don't think our spoilers or take away from the movie. Palpitation is really really scary. Gary and again you see him in the trailer. So it's not really a spoiler but Palpa Emperor Pal Patine went from a guy who is just flat out evil to now. He's it's just pretty much like the devil and I love how they did that. It was a so creative so wonderful so kind of original the way they did that. People like world. We need palpitation back in the movie. You could debate that. I love the way they did. It I thought I was worried coming into it saying. Why are they recycling? Emperor Powell between but such a great job in how they did it I WANNA say and I know people say this all the time when a great performance on three and like Oh that person she wouldn't award or that person should it'd be nominated that being said me being a hypocrite. Just now I'm GonNa tell you Adam driver in daisy Ridley both serve some type of recognition for this and I'm not talking about people saying how great I'm saying Academy Award Nomination Good. They are so good in this movie. I was not expecting it. I know they're both phenomenal actors actors. I was not expecting what I saw today. And I compare this to the last movie. I reviewed the Irishman. I know it's a completely different type of movie movie but acting is acting in these two. Were beyond any acting. I saw in the Irishman. Adam driver has taken it to another level level. He is just you know he is solid a-list at this point but his ability is is scary. Good I didn't realize he was this good. And boy support around display and boy. When you see it you will be absolutely rewarded for going to this movie? Just based on his acting alone. I love light speed skipping get being negative show a little bit of light speed skipping that is worth it so for all the reasons I just mentioned. It's one hundred percents worth seeing. And you have the phenomenal John Williams Liam soundtrack who has left us. You know we'll get Indiana Jones Star Wars. John Williams has done so much for us as a composer. You're glad it's almost like expect greatness. And he delivers every time. It's obviously his last movie. I'm doing a score for Star Wars and I love how they ended with John Williams composer her score. I love that he was so good and he has a and I noticed it because I listen to music. He has a brief cameo in the film. which is Kinda cool as bartender so beyond offer that that is John Williams? We'll notice that I noticed it because I'm a nerd It it was. It was a really kind of cool a little cameo but the music is just so good the movie itself up to this point. I can't recommend it enough. Go see it. It's just so oh good and if you if you're like me if you've grown up with this you have a legitimate passion. You have a legitimate love for this franchise absolutely to go see it because what I've listed in the first ten minutes of this review is enough to warrant you going to see this. It's a wonderful goodbye. It's a tearful goodbye and and one of my most favorite moments when I go to movies and I max in theaters like this.

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