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This is the time to do it. I mean, I remember joy you were pretty upset when Al Franken stepped down. And I think the Democrats wanted to take the moral high ground, and he did it getting to get that if they get anywhere with it. Right. But Republicans now with this. I think could make such a significant statement by forcing him to resign, but will Republicans now step up to the plate with Donald Trump because he has been using I think the border wall as sort of this dog whistle for racism, but. Government is still shut down. And I think it's all about let's not let all these Brown people in right, unless they're working for farmers unless they're working in agriculture. So now will the Republican party step up to him and say, we don't want any there. There's forty two percent of this country. That's worth the wall. Are they all racist? That's a good question. I'm not that. I don't think. So I don't think so I believe in Donald Trump races. Doc. I'm trying to say. If you're if you're going to paint, a broad stroke about a wall and that being racist than I know. But there are people that support to wellbeing Bill is Donald Trump races. There are a lot of web about there are a lot of people's support that well when I think when you blanket, I think this is the problem with identity politics in the country, which is something we sort of touched on yesterday's when you broad stroke, everyone, all black people think one thing people think one thing or publicans think one thing that's how we got ourselves into this mess, and I'm one of the people that would like to help pull ourselves out of it flits focus on Steve king. I'm happy to talk about the wall and border. And we talk about Trump still will Trump, by the way, I think I have made myself quite clear how I feel about President Trump. How I feel about the America. That was always great before he came to it. I think I have made myself explicitly clear on this show and other places. So please don't paint me just because I'm for border security that is somehow racist in some way or another because I don't think that's fair. I'm against the wall letting up being accepted, I'm for strong border security. I would like to say kings language is important. He said, white nationalist white supremacists. Western civilization. How did that language become offensive? This is very clear. It's very clear racist language from congressman king. So when I think that is what I'm just saying when we broad stroke, everyone, I would like our show, and I've said this many times to be above that to be above broad stroking people into different. We all. It's. Put with forty two percent of Americans are racist. Aren't just said. I don't know. That's the question. Aqap G rating on his racist concentrating. Stop dom. Anything that's happening now because by talknet just make one small time. Point point is that I don't think that we concentrate on Steve king. There's always racist. I only that because it's the topic thing on eight o'clock. I'm not done. What you did just call forty two percent of the country. There was an implication that they could be racist. Which is something that obviously when you're talking about Republicans in general that is obviously something that's going make. I on the platform, not the person. I am John McCain of daughter, I am not someone who sits her and is okay with racism. Daughter. Murga? We'll be right back. Leader, Donald bids. Mc Donnell was he bad taste for the president to serve best food at the national college football champs White House lunch, or is it what the kids want? Tomorrow on the view, a New York mayor Bill de Blasio hits the table with his big new brands for supporting undocumented immigrants getting lots of buzz on a totally different. Look who else does hitting the view jet towel, Regina hall, and Don Cheadle, hang with the ladies this week on the view on ABC. Later, Vladimir Putin's public enemy number one Bill Browder on what he thinks of the FBI probe into Trump and Russia and why he says Putin wants him dead..

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