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Is craft. And then when you get bored or Lazy Mental Health. It could lead to something worse. So, it could greet to suicide. Or you know. Someone Binge drinking even. What I mean to try themselves numb unsafe get. So we went to do something. We only rerelease a WHO corona value federalism unchlorinated oft week. Basically when no to improve every two days so. Today. Yesterday. No because it's been like Mike yesterday was rewelded disabilities podcast two day. Old Tomorrow. Today my hind start. It will be woods district every two days we release on each of the podcasts now. was quite fun. A lot of recording on a lot of research. What's a bit weird because I don't? Even, though I do like research and you know I walked parts. Yes. I totally get that. Yet. You've to write your script small. AMD. Well don't, you find podcasting invigorates and just knowing that it's a good feeling. and. We we ran across each other I found John, the Internet. Because you're dealing with this car with a disability in in lockdown, that's a low of mental stress. It really is. So as probably my disability I do suffer nominate I suffer from mental health problems because I suffer from disability code is fractious you. It actually is a good even states cold developmental coordination disorder. So dyspraxia is it can affect you in many different ways. I mainly have coordination problems like the full Nuba. Law And I dropped things and I also suffer from dyslexia. Also a bit hard. I enjoy people who enjoy on being spelling mistakes. Now on my own personal facebook, I used to have the Fox I'm dyslexic in my bio. And it's honey when someone says your comment, I checked your face. But then they they feel that they have to. What is it be a teacher with a right mark On rewrite, pick out instead of taking the argument. The pickiest fat and to me. Knowing that they've lost. Is Not further from a bit of that flexi myself. So I do understand what you mean by that and you don't realize it and people don't understand that. You know difference, but you don't realize it until it's too late sometimes. You, read it on. For me what makes me angry because I could talk about the disabled? People with disabilities because in a how it's passed in the in the US but in the UK CASTERS is a learning disability so it's the same as any of a physical disability. So are. You can't discriminate against someone for employment like I said, I went to university or the way for university. It wasn't what he's got a disability we have to make it easy full of. It was he has a disability he needs. Something to change for him to succeed. So it would be. At the moment I get a two weeks on top of my fine moments the two weeks extra the need extra in an examination. So it's not about. Like going easy, I have to do order. So. It's robber about making reasonable adjustments. Now back to reasonable adjustments would utada blind person to go out and see or someone in a wheelchair to get up whole what these people are faced, who like to comment like an rewrite. Of State decisions like that. That's what action to me. That's what they're actually doing is saying, well, you know. They. Rewrite G state US. Redo. All of the spanning. Hope your try and pick on your spanning. But actually they're doing the same kind of fame and going out and cutting somewhat who is by. They should open their eyes and see. You wouldn't do it in. So. Why do they feel that someone? In disability it's fine. Find do something like that, and this is how the conversation that the free of us, resolve Harry elite we're having. We said. Sometimes an at the time was having problems that he fell because wheel tracking cuts would be made so what he would do voluntary. All he would do. All he would go into a ski read. Of two years ago. And it's been racking my brain. But. He came to the free of sitting down on skype having discussion about. The free I agree the. Sometimes. Although we have different disability. So one has a one fish in patent blind when he's in a wheelchair so physical. Disability, and I have. Hidden disability we all have our mental health problems and we all have that sometimes you need to talk to someone we are taking from groups like what we needed. We came up with a with a disability try it another way. And we use to try it on Youtube. So would do some videos on Youtube I can't remember what those with of goal in deleted said. But. We did the. Videos of. Just, random stuff about his life and like you seeing disability our race or our disabilities for our ice told by people with a disability. So. Right then. I just wanted to hold fast lawson up the one about coping with early ice I wanted to talk about. Was Hoping with it now for me personally. It's been a little change like I said I am studying. So me and my group, an unsteady studying is. So east the high time for us. If you're a Christian gentleman, I mean, so we were all meant to. See, stuff is a fast university..

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