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At vehicles for change dot warg. 11 38 to Rita Casler in the traffic center right now, If you're traveling along, I 97 it is South Bound. I 97 year route 100. The crash along the left side of the roadway. They did have a couple of lanes blocked us. So keep to the right to get by. It. Looks like there may be an Arab or truck on the scene right now, if you're on route 50 eastbound 50 getting across the Bay Bridge, maybe a little slow. The left Lane of two is blocked with the work that's actually set up at the end of the bridge and then the westbound Span running two way traffic. So you do have two lanes getting you buy in each direction. North bound on D C to 95 seeing delays trying to get on to route 50 and the BW Parkway. So in that stretch right there where you're after the Maryland D C line, so really on north, bound to 95 watch for any accident Activity north about 95, near to 16 had been a report of some debris in the roadway. Also in Virginia north about 95 Afterward, three in Fredericksburg, the work on the left side, north bound 3 95. After Duke Street. There had been a stopped car in the left lane and good news on eastbound 66. After the Fairfax County Parkway. They finally cleared the broken down truck out of the roadway. Still a bit of lingering volume. There may still be things to look at over off to the side. But all your travel lanes have been reopened. Also westbound 66 After 1 23. There had been some work set up in the left lane. The last update for V R E Fredericksburg Line train. 3 14 is finally on the move about three hours late. Better help want you to start living a happier life today. Hey, with professional counseling done securely online visit better H e l p dot com slash Feel happy and get 15% off your first month. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p. Traffic Storm Team four is Lauren Ricketts with our forecast daytime highs today in the low to mid 40 some areas in the upper thirties and pretty quiet continuing into the afternoon. We'll have a mix of sun and clouds. The winds pick up overnight.

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