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Pain. It is 34 degrees at 11 30. Good morning. I'm Jordan Burned Fields, Chicago Restaurant said to open up a little bit more and stay open. Longer. First time for WGN traffic and right now, the roads looking pretty good. No on the Edens. Montrose, the lake Cook 23 minutes due to construction. So about six minutes of added delay outbound between TUI and Lincoln Avenue in Mondo Line. There was an accident on route 16 83 admit Lothian, causing slight delays. And in Buffalo Grove, an accident late Cook eastbound at Wyland Road. Having a little bit delay of to your travel time at this moment. Also on the Eisenhower route. 3 90 the old post office 30 minutes from Wolf Road. It's 18 on the Stephen sent 3 55 the lakeshore drive. 28 minutes from the tri state 19 the head. The ramp is a little bit heavy right now, In terms of traffic in bound to the Dan Ryan there on the Kennedy inherited downtown 22 from Montrose 12 minutes if you're in the express lanes. It is eight minutes right now, sometimes reports the mayor Lightfoot will revise the regulations to allow Chicago restaurants to operate It 50% indoor capacity or 50 people, whichever is less city currently operating at 40% or 40 people, But that goes up immediately the maximum number of people that can be seated together on the table Remain six and 11 year old girl hospitalized after she was shot in the face at a West Pullman gas station last night. Nine Andrea Dyer was sitting in the back of a seated cars is speeding, sitting in the back of a car and gas station on West 127th Street around 11 P.m. the shot the shooting began then Lease, a 19 year old man was leaving the gas station store. Another man started firing in his direction. 19 year old man was then shot in the groin and returned fire. The suspect also hit my Andrey and the face. She was taking a comer Children's hospital. She's in extremely critical condition..

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