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Nice to see him. He's actually he's gonna carve out a role of this water. We're going to see we're going to see him on the field this season on in a rotational off it east. Someone that has a variety of Moves he someone that you know has has the length that you look for in a defensive end It's pretty shocking. That he fell all the way to the six around. But the falcons are better for it. And you know. Marlon davidson is someone. Who who. really whom. The falcons really really need to have a good year. If this of this defense is gonna do anything. He was the second rounder last year. But this is his defacto rookie year after going through kobe in going through injuries and never really never really having any sort of a chance out of the starting last year this year feels like it's his it's his actual rookie season and you know. He was outright dominant. When we saw him on the field up in first quarter he was taken out very quickly afterwards up. Because i think smith in peace had seen enough from him. But that's definitely someone whom we had high hopes for when when the falcons took him to be that standout next to grady jarrett and without player. Who will get that. Press shop the middle and make everything easier for the edge players and remember davidson. Wasn't wasn't even a late second round pick he was. It was pretty early. Second rounder as well like this. This is someone who was expected to contribute right away. Didn't work out because of Because of the circumstances last year but He's someone i i'm i'm doubling keeping my eye on the season and someone who who. I'm really really satisfied to see playing well right from the get-go yeah i agree Yeah i pretty much agree with everyone. You guys brought up. I mean i think dory ethridge is the headliner with his. Thirteen tackled three tackle for loss day. Which is crazy. know. I think he. He wasn't fantastic and coverage but when you're that explosive and powerful as a run defender and as as a playmaker you know it's going to cover up a lot of issues on that token errol thompson the other undrafted linebacker similarly had a great day. That is by far the most competitive battle on the roster. Right now between those two guys. And whoever doesn't make the falcons rodgers probably getting a call for another team. Because they've been that impressive so really just depends on who the falcons sort of wine for that last spot at bridge more of that traditional like more more versatile linebacker that can do a little bit more coverage to a little bit more but he's lighter athletic whereas errol thompson is old school thumper he is big. He is a big nasty physical inside linebacker. Three four you do not want to see him in coverage ever. but if they don't really have archetype out brandon copeland is another really big guy that can play inside linebacker. But if they're looking for a thumper someone they can bring in as a short yardage guy as a sort of plug in the middle of the defense for specific plays you know errol thompson is. That's player marlon. Davidson was dominant. Which is exactly what you want to see from your second round pick you want to see him dominate backups. And that's exactly what he did. I mean he was just taking their lunch money which was nice to see. The password has whole was productive. Jonathan bullard i think has has earned a roster spot. I think he's going to be on this roster he can play inside and out ogan. Dj he's gonna be part of the rotation. Does he start. I don't know probably not at least initially. But he someone who's who's made a name for himself and then to me. The kind of surprising one was actually avery. Williams late in the game after some impressive fraternise. He got out there on defense against thirteen guys and he was impressive. I mean he was aggressive. He was playing really tight coverage they went after him multiple times on on tobacco as he was having none of it he was fired up. He was getting pass breakups. So i think honestly every williams on defense is someone to watch because look if he can make a case. Like i'm the best returner. But i can also play corner if you need me. I mean that that's gonna sure his roster spot and i think of the depth corners. He was the most impressive so good game for him. Jalen hawkins is the other guy in the secondary that just really put on a show. Had a really strong game overall had a sack coming flying blitz. jalen hawkins I think he's pretty much locked up his roster spot at all if it was ever really in question but you know the defenses a whole much better overall performance despite being i mean giving them twenty three points when your offense manages just three and it's basically just leaving on three and outs every other play putting you and red zone situations constantly do turnovers. I mean allowing just three points. That's not bad. I mean that's a solid performance from a defense especially when their backs against the wall and they're on the field the whole game so good on them for for that game. And i definitely like dean pees preseason style a lot better than dan quayle says for damn sure so. Let's let's transition to the special teams conversation. Because i know evans itching the whole show evan. I'll let you take it away. What's your biggest special teams..

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