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Y okay. Good comment like cut many. When you say you kidding me with that comment that dumb comment and there was like he's the right you'll the fire. Thanks in Mauritius in Marissa's defense. He did handle that awkward moment with Denise huxtable and really well at that dinner yeah he did he was like what are you talking about? Oh thanks that was a great explanation. Mo was nice. Yeah yeah it was so awkward. It was so awkward and actually I mean it was even more awkward but we can only show so much episodes. Otherwise we'd have you know a five hour special special. We're okay we're at right time for for okay. Last question comes from anonymous S. She says years ago in College I snooped on my boyfriend's IPAD. I saw that he'd been locked into some sexual chat room site earlier that day. No personal information exchanged at all just straight into dirty talk in basically talking out porn scene. I was unsure how I felt but decided to move on in forgive. It's been near sense but sometimes still pops in my head and makes me feel unsure. What are your thoughts in? What would you do if you're in? My shoes is an answer this one I will. I don't care I would never be able to keep that inside ever. It would just bester and explode. Nightmare would never be able to keep that in again. I wouldn't have to get it out and talk about that yet. It's a weird thing. I mean we've talked about like porn before I don't personally think it's bad or your partner as genetic but if you're engaging in it and becoming part the STAR The star of your own movie then that's where it gets weird but I think it would create jealousy like insect. I to social media is horrible. Horrible horrible and that kind of thing. You know my husband like he doesn't even know how the whole thing works like it'd be like how to it puts this here and how do I you know my girls and I wanted to show him everything and like one time I like going through his thing and I think we'll see here that I'd say the Plus Ninety nine for the DMZ I don't I don't ever look at those because it's there there's a lot of them when you're on TV show. So I don't look at them. So I'm looking at. It's like you're so hot. Do you WANNA up here. And it's an ad is so disgusting and I was blocked blocked back talk you and Mike. Meanwhile men women are ruth like women do that more than men I think. Oh yeah like. There's not guys messaging you be like it's so weird. Like why do women do that? Two men who are on TV. It's so weird. I Have John. The Queen of that all the time when I was single time. Like men with wives now not no not men with wives just like like see him on the show and they're like right a message and they've sent pictures and I'm like I don't get anything like not like women you get that top expert. Gay Guy that you know. Say Hi will you know what's Nice comments get now? They are ruthless. Women are very. It's so weird because like I said I grew up with all women and I have all daughters been never ever ever ever. I mean across my mind not to me the lowest dirtiest most discussing a problem with that and some people believe it like there was a long time. I believe that if I message Baxter boy that he would leave his wife and marry me. Note Amy I want it that way. You know like sorry around. There was where I was like. Brian's definitely gonNA come off to your Allen like come to my hometown Mary me right. Know because that's how we feel about television. I Guess Yeah I duNno funny. Listen cow were so excited. Of course. You're already watching. But if you're not watching real housewives of Beverly Hills comes on Wednesdays on Bravo at eight seven central you can follow Kyle at Cal Richards. Eighteen to find out all of her going on and we just like just be gentle with yourself. You know what I mean. Don't worry it's not real life but you're lovely and you're so loved right back ask. I'm fragile if people have watched you for ten years and you've had nothing but grace and people know your hearts in a good place so it's a tough time now but I. I'm rooting for you. I appreciate that. Thank you ladies. Amazing you thank you and we will see and next day thanks for listening and make sure to rate and review this podcast. Wherever you go your podcast we have new episodes lady gang. Every Tuesday and Thursday follow us on social media at the Lady Gang Follow US personally at Kelsey. Most importantly at Becca and at Jack panic the late again network is produced by wills. Sterling Steve delegator hurston Woodward and Elizabeth bakeware thinks.

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