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Saying about the plans thing. Something that is really frustrating about it is the knowledge that the thing in between the strange on more now and a time when we might be able to make plans again are people who just can't put up with the they just can't deal with it like people who are like bursting out of their houses to go get to protest and people who who are like demanding that stay at home orders be lifted on them and their states even though they don't even though they don't have any reason to believe that the pandemic is under control. They're having to rely on other people who are like the dumbest motherfuckers alive to act right so that eventually the people who are acting right can go out and enjoy. Life is super frustrating. Like there was a we went to. They opened up the beaches in California for exercise. Which I think is very fair considering what we know about the way that the disease spreads enclosed indoor spaces with people with uncovered. Mel's okay cool. So they opened up outdoor spaces for people to be active as long as they cover their house. I think that is. I hate wearing a mask but I do it and I think that's fair so we go to the beach to go on a walk. And they're people just out in big groups sunbathing like we're never going to or never going to get through this because people are just not going to be able to follow the rules and I can't make a plan to like go visit my family until like I have some idea that it's going to be like somewhat safe and my family is in Wisconsin so like I don't know they're all like knuckleheads there. It's it's very very frustrating. Have either of you. Tried to make travel plans to visit anybody or to go anywhere. I had weddings. Yeah I had weddings canceled. I was supposed to be in London and the summer to family. Weddings also cancelled and You know and not rescheduled. And then I'm just going to go to India and also no and then as I said per my email. I was going to go to Tahiti because it just sounds great. Why not but. That's really just a pipe dream. Have you heard about people who've gotten stranded in beautiful places like they left right as the pandemic was started? Because we gotTA GET OUTTA here. We've gotTA GET OUTTA here. Are we going to be stuck in America? And then I there's this New York Times article that was like really shut and Freud a delicious because there was like some people were like we gotta go to Nicaragua. It's going to be beautiful. And then they go down there and it's like no you're not on vacation you live here now. Now you live in now you live in Nicaragua. You can't leave you welcome. Yeah you live here now figure out how to eat like there's a laughing so it is kind of funny though like if it were something that had happened to someone. I know and they were telling me the story. I would be like you dumb ass. That's hilarious well. Because those people thought they were going to like what game a pandemic. You thought you're going to be able to go like I know someone challenge through instagram. Who did this and she let me tell you in the beginning. She's like Alan g like the pictures were so walking obnoxious especially because it was still snowing up here we are on the beach Isolation now either a hot mess I mean. There's nothing left on the island. You know like they're talk about isolated. It's like the four of them in some like granted there at a hotel but the hotels like down for all NC purposes so anyway. I'm not going to say I enjoyed it but just going to say you can't get a panel. Yeah like there's nowhere to go. That's the thing that's so frustrating. Like that I think is so hard for people to grasp is like you. Can't you can't go anywhere. There's nowhere to escape it like there were people in New York City. Who are going to the Hamptons like? Oh yeah the disease won't get us here. It's like no it will it? Can you brought it? Yeah you're brought it yeah. My Dad was in England so he was in like he gone and then the pandemic happened and then he just didn't book his return flight. I do think there's isn't there a thing about like if you're a citizen or something you're allowed to repatriate back to your country. I think but then you have to require in quarantine for a period of sending another thing. That makes it so difficult as everywhere. The rules are different and they're always changing and like that's another bucks with plans is like yeah of course listening to public health officials. There's no way for them to possibly put a target date on anything and so of course this has to change as we learn more and stuff and but every country has different rules and in the US sometimes. Their rules are different from city to city. Like from like in Wisconsin for example like Milwaukee had a stay at home order. I think put back in place after the State Supreme Court decided. The governor didn't have a right to declare a state of emergency that lasted as long as it. Did it just like your dad here in was is he still in the UK? Yeah how long has he been months months mof? He can't come back at all. I mean I think that technically he could but I think he was just like. Oh you're I think it's one of those things where you're like. Well we're here and it's kind of the same everywhere Florida's reopening Florida's going into phase one on Monday. I think you know. But it's they are doing a phase like phased reopening and there are a lot of precautions being taken like if the school reopens a preschool. Reopens or whatever the thing is know. So yeah everyone's in a different everyone's literally actually in a in a different phase like everyone in my family's at different just depending on where you yeah. I saw that the I think an official in Los Angeles his wife went to Arizona so she could get a pedicure and yeah because Zona. There's like no no like rules around that compared to the rules here so she went to Arizona and like posted a bunch of pictures to facebook. It's nice to be normal again and it's like Oh my God what are you doing? And it's like please don't bring back whatever you call it. The Nail Salon or I hope you didn't bring something to nail saloon which is right may just as I mean maybe more likely because there's more cases thing you know what last weekend really and I guess there are just two kinds of people in the world but last weekend when so many of the college graduation happening I looked on twitter and University of Wisconsin. Class Ninety eight. Uw for their graduates. Who obviously couldn't graduate. They lit up Camp Randall and they did. They played the they had the band. Play the graduation song and they did this whole like sort of video and like it was very emotional and I was like you know what it's like. I'm doing my part because I had my graduation writing and so like other people next year or in a couple of months should have that chance. And if we don't all do our part you know I want to do my part because I want women who have babies to be able to have visitors in the hospital again someday like I guess I just think it's so fucking selfish for people who can't control their in Yeah I mean it is. I mean I pointed this out on twitter that it's funny that the people who are considered considerate tyranny for them not to be able to haircut the same people who think it's fine to like not like women have abortions or woman. Drive six hours to get you know. Wait two days to have an abortion is just like the moral inconsistency is really mind boggling but off of the college thing this week my group of friends from college our texts chain lit up because my Alma Mater Notre Dame is going to start classes on August tenth. That's the plan. Saw that person classes August tenth. There's going to be no fall break and the the term ends right before Thanksgiving and then everybody just gets to go home. I mean I think that that is a very wildly optimistic thing for them to do but on the other hand they have to make a plan like you know along all this uncertainty people like new entities like universities like people who are starting families people still have to make plans.

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