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Should we get him on the phone? How do you know It's a him? Because I just opened the envelope. Oh, okay. We'll know we should. We should hit first. Start explaining why this person is the chaos by employee of the month for the month of October, 2020. But don't we want him to hear these things clearly? Okay? Not everybody listens to this show. Okay? You think everyone crowds around the radio like its a freaking Fireside chat. The president before televisions. Not not that many people listen to this show. Figure this out if we get this Like this. Who's after you get it, right. Oh, no, I didn't do it. Right. Uh, try this again. One are we just now learning how to use the phone system? Heart on you. Is that ceiling word, Aiken say we try that again. I think that's it. Jacob. I think you gave me a bad number here. Oh, what does it say? Turn that up and tell me when I was styling now, what is going on here? Let us all hear it so I can talk to him. Yeah. Then I'll tell him he's on there. Tommy's on the What if he doesn't answer it, live radio baby. That wouldn't be very employee of the month not answering our calls for work, right? Automatically voicemail to go to the runner up. Well, leave. It will leave a message. Leave that up. Available at the tone. Please record your message. When you have finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options. Ah, rickets us. See Gary in Shannon show. How are you? Happy Thursday, official announcers of the Ko Phi employee of the month for October to it isnot you now I mean, no, it isthe. It's still him. Oh, I thought the rules said he could be in the bathroom. You know, he doesn't need to answer the phone all the time. He could be desperately listening to the radio show and it's you know if there's a delay at all. Maybe it's not about you. It's about Rick Johnson. Well, it is about.

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