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Your life nine thirty ten. Good morning. I'm Brett burkhart. We'll get you back to Armstrong and Getty in a moment. The Dow is down more than five hundred points this hour Marshall Phillips will tell us why I sell apple watches now fulfilling a promise to let people take EKG's of their hearts and notify them when they have an irregular heartbeat. The company announced the heart features in September. But didn't make them available until today. New features have been given clearance by the US food and Drug administration. And our for US customers only the news is enough to lift apple stock this hour. It's down two percent. Officers in the bay area are investigating a deadly officer involved shootings this week. The first one happened in Napa early Wednesday. Police responding to reports of a gunman assaulting a woman on Lincoln avenue near the Napa river shot and killed the suspect after he ran into a wooded area and became locked in a struggle with an officer the second deadly shooting happened near Martinez when officers who were responding to an unrelated call recognized a wanted suspect near Pacheco boulevard. Officers say the suspect shot at a deputies head missing him and the officer returned fire killing him. They say the forty one year old from discovery bay had a long rap sheet senators are working on a multi pronged effort to punish Saudi Arabia for the killing of a US based journalist, Jerry bowed. Lander reports senators are moving ahead with their effort to punish Saudi Arabia for the killing of journalist. Your Mollica show g they expressed their unhappiness last week by advancing a resolution to end US military support for the Saudis in Yemen. And they plan to meet today to try to work out an agreed. That would not only end US military support. It could also suspend US arm sales to the kingdom and rebuke the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, the push to punish intensified after used as briefing by CIA director Gina hospital left, many senators with no doubt that the crown prince was involved in the killing foreign relations committee chairman. Bob corker was blunt. I have zero question in my mind.

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