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Read slash dot com during the holidays, but you know, there's a lot of things to watch. But it's not like a lot like, you know, dissect let's get into the few stories that happened in the last week that we do want to talk about in. Let's start with The Lion King because I know when we've talked about this the recent trailer came up we've all been kind of baffled that it seems like the basically just doing a shot for shot remake of the original. And it's not even a live action remake because it seems fully animated from what we can tell. So each is that what is happening. So according to Disney's live action film studios chief Shawn Bailey that will not be what's happening. Shawn Bailey assures fans at this. Brian king will not be a shot for shot remake of the original. And he says, quote Lion King is revered and beloved movie. So you'd better revere. And love those parts that the audience wants. The their things in the movie that are going to be new. So that's the extent of what he says about how what to expect of the new Lion King, which is directed by Jon Favreau, and it s- sounds along the lines of what they've been saying for the past few of Disney live action films, and they haven't always abided by assurance. I'm speaking. Specifically about feeding the beast, for example, which is a movie I am one of the few who aboard just because it has completely creatively. Stifling in the way that it slavishly a to the regional and shot for shot me make an yet makes it less compelling somehow. I'd. They added that one song. Anyways. I'm not here to talk about how much eight reviewing the beasts. I am cautiously cautiously optimistic about the line king. I am not as invested in this movie as I was for feeding the beast, which was my favorite Disney film. So I'm going to hope that Sean Bailey is an John Fabbro are going to put their money where their mouth is or I don't know they have a lot of money. So they can put it wherever they want. You know with Dumbo. It does look like they're changing it quite a bit. Like looks like Dumbo learns to fly in the very beginning of that live action version of that film in you know, the family has much fear. Partly I I can see that being a very different movie or not very different, but a size of -ly different movie than you know, as compared to like, beauty and the beast. But you know, this teaser for the The Lion King is it's literally shot for shot. So. I'm interested more when they reveal more trailers more marketing for this film. I'm sure that most of the marketing is to be heavily played upon people's love for the the movie. So I'm sure it's gonna be share..

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