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Was a lot harder to get over those losses for me and obviously had a lot of says one of budget andras a team and it's great it's great to do those things but like you say working out the hours that we spent away from our families have to lose one's a beautiful wife so for me i wanted to have the chance to raise my family that way continue to be around the game i love the game it's been around my life i was seven years old when i started playing football so i'll continue to stay around the game as much as possible but at the end of that want to spend more time in my family and move on some bitter bigger and better things right gosh salaciously also l ron thank you argo murray would not well let's talk a little football what do you think will we do do spoke to the new york post and the first time since retirement we have a few quotes to get to play here says you five retirement cheese elites speaking of retirement ironman here we go so we call this great game one of the great gains that show business sounds good or sound bad that's what we go i quote here this is macintosh he said speaking about the giants i think that they are going to win the division i think philly i'll much success they've had mcenery said i think they're going to have a hard time handling success dallas i like their offense of lime but how long have we been saying that their defense they got a bunch of young guys playing dv sean lee banged up a lot and their d line they got a bunch of guys getting in trouble the time and washington is washington right i won't shoot who little quote on top so for darren the game is simple sounds good sounds badly it sounds good but i don't have a problem only thing that i have a problem with him saying was philadelphia how do you know how they're going to handle this situation of being successful i think they're gonna handle extremely will but for him to say the new york giants are going to win the division hey that's his opinion he was spot on when he talking about the dallas cowboys and said hey the deepest young divas align has been in trouble over the years years and then wash the risk ins we still don't know who they are i didn't have a problem at all with been back into had to say all right let's just had a tweet out demarco murray retirement can with well now we'll go on not drafting a quarterback in the first round yet say this with the guys that came out this year i'm not surprised that they went the route they went by not drafting a guy i wouldn't have stood on the table to draft any quarterback number two either through k bear in mind here is the same guy that benched eli manning ended that incredible streak that he had gone same kind of thing good or bad what do we think with this one i think sounds good i agree with him here you cannot pass up on the best player in the draft saquon barkley this guy's much he's going to be this is going to be the best player in the league for the next three or four years i've been hill hopefully i think i consider this on the show by your too i think he'll be the nfl mvp look at us i feel like saquon barkley was the best player in the draft for the next four years he's going to have a great great year with the giants i've got belgium you got a lot of help in the passing game so hey we'll see how together got to run right right on this is on nate solar we'll get to this now he said getting a left tackle in there will help them in a lot of ways macadear set of solar i don't think he's a very good player but i think it will help them in a lot of ways where they need help in that room in the past and they haven't had anyone to do that okay jeff what do you think terrible yeah come on ben mcadoo like you're not coming off of success in your career you don't need to take cheap shots look here's what i'll say they'd solar is not necessarily regarded as being a top three top five left tackle in the nfl but he is according to a.

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