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I'm Ryan Gorman with me this evening, James Berland er on the board will go back to the phones and a second phone numbers 809 69 93 52 again 809 69 93 52 I'll tell you what, out of all the polling data to come in over the past 24 hours, the one that Caught me by surprise. That was really an eye opener. Was today's national Rasmussen poll. Rasmussen. Polls typically lean more to the president. And it's the way they're set up. They're much more favorable to President Trump. And Rasmussen. Now has Biden up, 12. Nationally. No, I think that's where he's at. 12 is on the high end, that's for sure. But for Rasmussen to see that kind of movement That Tells me something. Again. I don't take one pole and put all my faith in that. But when you look at everything put together and then that in particular because it's generally more favorable. President Trump like Quinnipiac is always more favorable to Joe Biden Rasmussen's more favorable to President Trump and to see Biden. Up 12 in their latest national poll. Even the Trump campaign. I'm concerned. 809 69 93 50 to go to John and Holiday John, Thanks for the call. God. Thanks, Ryan. I really like your show. Appreciate it. And although I'm not calling about the politics here today, I'm calling about the Corona virus. OK, And it seems to me that nobody has actually taken a look at a holistic cure for Corona virus. And I consider myself a little bit of which doctor in that I know how to cure Corona virus and you don't have to go through testing and all that stuff it's readily available. So if the Tampa Bay area would look up the healing effects of Brazilian pepper tree it cures bacteria, fungus and viruses, including Corona virus, Brazilian interfering with the A in the the bacteria, fungus and viruses, and it expels it out the body through diarrhea. So people give the Brazilian pepper tree a bad rap because they think it's a name basis species in a poisonous species. The only thing you want to do is costing yourself On the barre sees because the berry seeds contain arsenic. So you don't want to consume the berry seed. Got it. Well, John, thank you so much for that very interesting call. I'm gonna go with the scientists on this one in the public health officials in terms of potential Cove in 19 cures or treatments, but on and hopefully The audience goes with them as well. But, John, we do appreciate your insight into that. Let me get a look in Tampa, Luke. Thanks for the call yet. You're on. What's up about that? I made a comment to the person into the phone, uh, went into a gun store today and literally walked in, Walked. Ah family over were really small. And he just told me like they were on the phone. And they added all speakerphone. Quiet. No shell, and the guys on the floor with a person is polling him right there. You're there. There like comedic to them. I guess they're lying. They're telling the whole person every office and answer You would imagine a gun store owner would tell the polling versus that's not that was a pure example. I just literally happened this morning when I went into the store, so I thought was interesting. Situation here what you were saying about the poles being heavy on one of the other, And then I see people doing it with my own eyes today. Well, you saw one person doing it and that that happened. Sure, I'm sure there are people who would do that. Most people are going to tell the truth about you know what they think? And and that's why again. You just you don't look at one pole. You don't look at one bit of data. You have to look at all of it, and you have to look at the details. We have provided and that's not and thank you for the call. OK, I appreciate it. That's that's not happening on like such a wide scale. Where literally every poll taken, you know all across the country is off. So These polling numbers that you're hearing again. They're not gospel. Okay, People still have to vote. When you're looking at the trends, and you're looking at the big picture. You certainly see The president in a much different spot right now than he was in 2016, where things were a bit closer now, four years ago, this was the moment in time where the e mails I started to get leaked and the access Hollywood tape came out and all of that, and people thought he was finished. And he wasn't there is still time for him to make a move. I think he missed a huge opportunity. Like I said the past week where he could have Started to make that move, and when you start to fall behind by these kinds of margins, it becomes more difficult to catch up Another problem. The president has His money. And I always tell you if you don't believe the poles and all of that, then look at the money. Look at where the money is flowing. You've got the Biden campaign and Democrats. They're now starting to pour money into Georgia and Texas. Into some Senate races that nobody would have ever thought South Carolina with Lindsey Graham, Nobody would have thought that would have been a tight race. Where is the money going? That will tell you what they're saying on the inside as well. And one disadvantage for the president right now is that his campaign doesn't have Much money. They're pulling back in Ohio and Iowa. Some of those rust belt states. They're actually taking ads off TV because they just they don't have the money. To continue advertising. Now. TV ads. Not necessarily the be all end all of a campaign and the president has a unique ability to get himself right in the middle of a new cycle without needing ads or anything like that. But The fact that you're gonna have one candidate in all of these states. On just time and time again, whether it's a positive ad or a negative ad. That can make a difference again on the margins when you're talking about Separating Ah Clinton victory from a Trump victory. 80,000 votes over the course of three states. 809 69 93 50 two's a number. I'm gonna Willis in Tampa Willis, Thanks for the call. Yes, sir..

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