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Five twenty this morning trooper Rick Johnson says a woman was seen running around in the westbound lanes grabbing at passing cars near montlake see told the trooper that there was a victim. Shooting in a vehicle, which I'm not sure they heard Jack words, but where we ended up responding to counting. This victim is eastbound on the west high rise of state route five twenty two he was in the driver's seat. And there was a bullet hole in the windshield. The woman was taken to Harborview as a precaution. Still waiting for updates. Their King County sheriff's deputy was hit by a driver in a stolen car in white center. Last night. That's happened near one hundred seven th and sixteen th avenue southwest the deputies. Okay. The drivers still on the run. Investigators say after hitting the patrol car, the car sped away fast, then crashed and burst into flames. Washington state patrol plans to nearly double the size of governor Jay Inslee, traveling security detail as he runs for president the cost would be more than four million dollars over two years. The Seattle times reports that the state patrol plans to assign six additional troopers sergeant and Lieutenant to the executive protection unit the unit previously has consisted of eight troopers and one sergeant the state patrol tells the times Inslee. Did not ask for the extra security instead WSB made the call after talking to other states that have had governors run for president during a recent campaign trip to Iowa Ensley said he would not offer to reimburse the state for the extra security costs saying under state law. The governor must have security for all his or her travels under any circumstances. Frank lenzi. Komo news turning general William Barr says special counsel Robert Muller, did not find evidence that president Donald Trump's campaign conspired or coordinated with Russia to influence the two thousand sixteen presidential election. But the question of whether President Trump obstructed Justice has not been finalized. Komo's Carleen Johnson has reaction democratic lawmakers say they want a full and complete look at Miller's findings and they're dismissing bars summary is incomplete seizing on a line in that summary that says Muller's report does not exonerate the president when it comes to the obstruction of Justice issue. This is democratic congressman Denny heck I've read the letter which I think it's important to remind people was written by attorney general bar. Political appointee of the president and not special counsel Muller. So it raises I think just as many questions as you might. Well, imagine different perspective from former house oversight committee chair Republican Jason Fitz on FOX this morning based on this report and the full total complete. Exoneration of the president of the United States is is it's as if Donald Trump one hundred million to nothing Democrats say they're ready to issue subpoenas to get the full report if it is not released. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. A Bill in Olympia would make changes for restraining orders. When accused person owns a gun under house Bill seventeen eighty six. If a protection order requires the defendant who owns a weapon to turn it in. The Persian must do it immediately upon being served. Current law gives a person up to five days to surrender that weapon domestic violence survivor. Trees Todd spoke in favor of the Bill since I fled Tennessee to escape my abusive has all those years ago. I have committed myself to doing everything I can to help prevent other people from experiencing what I did the Bill was approved by the state house earlier this month. The public library in this Washington city just went blue as officials they're trying to combat a drug problem. Komo's Brian Calvert. With more it's been done in other parts of the country. But most customers don't seem to get those blue lights. It's easier.

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