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Yeah. It's a different years since. I've watched that movie. Amazing chasing honestly one of my all time favorite safety. I mean i remember it being exciting. It's been it's been many years since i watched it. I mean i wonder if there is a bit of i dunno visual reference that that little too because it's been so long. Yeah yeah fresh. Air frazier on any thoughts in that sequencer others or monsters. Dick young also a tree in the movie is also dislike. Really aperture yeah. I'll go into my favorite salad. I was going to be mine. Just the idea of the The puppetry at the beginning. It's the only way that It seems like craig can like express himself unlike kind of process things and then you know throughout the film. It's it's the way that he I mean he's an. He's enjoying life vest as kind of a puppeteer working with his with john malkovich's mind as puppet yeah jeff fisher puppets so pretty like. They're just they're just really well done. I don't know like i know john. Cusack did some puppeteer were core the movie but he can't have been like that main puppeteer for all the My guess would be that they had had to have some you know a professional Puppet puppeteer dealing doing that stuff. All came out so play almost like uncanny valley love literally and especially to like the ryan. I guess like the the more expressive like movements. That like to see a team in do you know. Look like a s- passing out there like you know. Uncontrolled moving around like wildly. It's his puppet and yet it all is so it's all all time so well This watch the stevenson's like wondering what kinda just how fucking good those guys in there. It's insane you probably just like this right. Yeah just like that. Yeah it's crazy. It's also kind of ironic. That i mean. There's probably some great puppeteer that didn't get recognition Chancellor the craig hair during the movie you know but but yet he and i do actually get to see the human sort of acted out pig as you get to see John malkovich perform the the puppet dance in one of my favorite scenes in the movie..

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