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Everybody got in on the action for the capital's Nikki back from T. J. Oshie, John Carlson, Brendan Dillon, Jacob Rana Garnet halfway all goals for the Capitals, so he has six different goals. Scores Capital skate by the Sabers and Buffalo 6 to 4. Peter Laviolette gets his first win as the capital's new head coach. Same two will face off again Tomorrow night in Buffalo. It's the first of 56 courses in unique season shortened season and 21. They do a lot of Back to backs, including this one, and the caps, in fact, have their next three games on the road began caps get the victory 6 to 4. Urban Meyer, New head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, retired twice from coaching, won three national championships between Florida and Ohio State. He is the new head coach off Jacksonville. The New York Jets have hired Robert Sallah as it seems new kosher. Just one official. He wasn't 40, Niners defensive coordinator. The defense has been pretty good under his guidance of the last several years of San Francisco, but now he has moved on new head coach of the New York Jets. Saleh reportedly gets a five year deal. College basketball winning streak continues for Number nine Maryland Topping the Gophers in Minnesota, 90 73. Frank and I had to beat GOP sport changes for those who are flying in and out of D C in terms of alcohol and in terms of guns will explain. Coming up. 10 46 Kirk Iverson, the principal and government, intelligent automation leader at KPMG on modern government, emerging trends and intelligent automation. In a time of rapid change, sponsored by K. P. M. J. The whole idea of hyper automation is starting to come into the vernacular of lot of agencies and what I mean by hyper automation. Is he looking at DARPA is definitely a stepping stones AI. But many of these automation platforms are starting to integrate other more advanced capabilities..

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