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Come together in that in that way where it feels like if the perfect version but it's also got mistakes in it. It's not natural. It's just it. Sounds like a band on a really good bike. Machines playing it. It sounds like the best night they played that on your this was we happened to catch the best one so two things over and over with that idea and someone have been very quickly someone take a long time and then and then all of the overdose would happen after that and make decisions of things to try and we usually record many many many more cells than whatever was on the out pretty much always the case. Wow I would save for every album. We made there were at least twice as many songs as songs that Romney out and what what happened to them. Evidence based on some have some heaven. Wow that's glass crazy for me. That's that's such a wild thing because for me like I just make the songs that I need for now. Like a song will not get past where he won't get past anywhere close to half way finished unless. I know it's going to be on the album so I I rarely ever have base odds of any kind so the idea of to think of like a completely a complete other like parallel universe album that never existed. That's funny because it's Sung on California Down I guess I guess that's how most have you noticed. Have you noticed how when you first you excited about it and you think Oh. I you know I worked on these with this. New One is my favorite of the batch so far as you work further it may be doesn't become your favorite of the batch and then another song that using this is pretty good but maybe not my favorite song that as you continue working on it it becomes your favorite song of you ever have that. Spring Melt. My thing is like first song to make an album. It it has to at some point. Have been my favorite song ever like. I have to have had a moment with that song. Like it has to fertilize today. Asked to have been just like my favorite thing I've ever done. It can never be like just for some reason like I. I want Bother going through the song unless at some point I've thought that it psych potential is limitless. Or it could be the greatest thing I've done my greatest not just greatest like Oh could you know by the way? The most critically acclaimed whatever. But just just the just the greatest you know. I like I guess for me. The thing is like from starting a song and having all these just thinking. It's an having a moment with them. I'm feeling great about. It's kind of just like a rice to the finish line to get the song finished and have may still feel the same way about all just for me to still love it in a you always finish before moving on to the next song. No no I mean like ours ours up until mastering. I'm still rotting off for for a song for like up until a few hours before. It's don of like a year of working on. I'm sort of like rotting lyrics rotting recording lyrics and editing drums. And I do everything at once because I'm my attention span is too short to kind of like my work. I I have horrible work ethic so for me to sit down and do like one task until it's don is extremely rare. Just also have like be recording By Salon for and get sort of like halfway down the Abu something else now because that's the luxury of during myself. I can do it without a derailing. The so I can kind of just like oh now. Now I WANNA thing as the Knicks. Want to do a bit of mixing on drums a do everything at once. Then which which can which can create this sort of like complete mess of and can make me feel can can make you lost in the Progressive Asong. So sometimes I'm like oh I don't know where I am with the Sonnen are. I don't know if it's almost finish or if it's nowhere near that united so I'm kind of just like in lost in this in this in the in the woods known. Do you ever go too far. And have to backtrack yes height. Back a height backtracking but but yes Which is interesting. I was something I wanted to always wanted to Nar. And like maybe maybe not able to say because if it's like a secret but uses 'cause there's the myth that he has a story that he came to you sort of a couple of weeks before it was done and you kind of went like let's get rid of that go into that and like strip down which to me like that story is like. Is this holy grail of discipline like executive discipline to say like we need any of this. You know because for me. That's it's it's it's. It's extremely hot if I recorded a song. It's extremely difficult for me to say he doesn't need to be in the song. 'cause like my Brian like on. This isn't the place for you know it's a my songs can end up being so extremely dense and I'm sort of finding a way to sort of like sitting there in that but to me like the greatest strength and the greatest ability in production is to say all of this stuff. Here doesn't doesn't need to be you know so i. I really don't know how that happened. Will be ruthless in the ED.

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