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We do a mini console for you. We meet and we agree. Yeah. Lots of international fozzie touring coming up. We're very excited. Doing 9 countries in the fall between Canada, the United States, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and of course we're doing Australia and New Zealand in December. Go check all of that out, Chris Jericho coming to town, fozzie coming to town at fazer rock dot com and also two lots of stuff going on Chris Jericho's rock and wrestling rager at sea, the four leaf clover. We are setting south February 2nd, 2023 from Miami to grand, stirrup K, great lineup of talent joining us going to our own private island. It's the vacation of a lifetime. Chris Jericho Cruz dot com. Don't you ever miss it? And actually, our guest today might even be on the Jericho cruise the four leaf clover, talking about Tony storm, explaining all the events and circumstances surrounding her decision to leave WWE and why when that day came, she even she was shocked that she quit. It was the last minute kind of built up pent up decision. She talks about her time at NXT, which she learned from Shawn Michaels, Scottie too hottie, road Dogg, and why she thinks things didn't work out for her there. Tony's also talking about her huge AEW debut, what has been like for her in The Rain and in the locker room. And I was reignited her passion for pro wrestling. You'll hear stories about Tony being stuck in London during the height of the pandemic, wrestling and empty arenas like we all did, and even what Vince McMahon said to her just before she quit, Tony also talks about her time wrestling for stardom in Japan. She was a huge star there. Why she's excited to wrestle there again. So many great stories from Toni storm right here right now.

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