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The the the eu's perspective of the eu's artzi fart see it's the most erzsi farsi thing uh that i have a experience i think so far to tell a story about a man who's inwho's very confusing which is often when you're gonna go uber artzi footsie often the confusion will come up with uh a man who's sort of in an experiment on his mind so you're traveling through his brain in experiencing his past and memories from inside his brain some one as in there with him trying to stop these memories a very very confusing but i i think so amazing uh that you can forgive the confusion because you are it seemingly in a person's brain uh in what i said a boats a perspective was pretty crazy because there is times where he'd be like say lying down and bad and that would be like right in front of your face as if you were hovering above him were there is one scene where uh all the trees ground were at the side so you were like seeing things from the wrong perspective sort of very very very strange and cool uh that was alteration it was called a next is my u b uh that one i think has been termed licht the first vr movie almost uh i will admit i haven't finished it um i wasn't getting so much vr sick as uh he you do need to take breaks from vr and i started this thinking you would be another short little experiment experience and then after about half an hour in their realizing men the sings pretty long uh so i think me route fifty minutes ago the whole things from the perspective of a a little robot given to a boy.

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