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Basically the gaslight is on for the giants. You guys need to get gas. And you keep driving. Now, we get a little bit for before we get gas. Okay. We get a little bit closer. Okay. Then you almost house. Well, we can just get gas in the morning. Okay. But in the morning, you're still going to need to get gas. They gotta get gas in the draft cause y'all still need gay. But we got these new tires got these new tires cycle Barclays here. And he's gonna make you go all the it's like, no, we still be asked to go as far as take us, and that's the curse of getting saquon Barkley. It's not. Worst case scenario is not that maybe he's going to be mediocre. It's going to be that. He's so good that he helps keep that job and drop their draft pick. Yes. This team needs to take. No one in the NFL. By the way, turns out is good and tanking. What I'm learning? Anybody Oto Beckham about this? But he heard the quarterbacks go be are you serious about those twenty yard lesions though that get some gas man we's last quote, today's gay strike Babe Ruth out every top. I'm not trying to disrespect him, you know, rest in peace. You know, shout out the baby. Fridge really of Adam out of out of two forty-three a last year one hundred twelve batters seventy seven innings while pitcher for the Rockies public. Could you be right? I mean, I have an issue with how we do the time travel hypothetical because this guy is basically implying that he could go back in time like mardi MC flying back to the future. Riba view of Johnny be good before Chuck Berry ever did then zip back out. And that's not how this works. He can't just back in time and strike out Babe Ruth the question is if you guys both contemporaneous lived in the same era, and you both had access to Trish and conditioning in technology and the wisdom of Babe Ruth going forward. How would you do? And that's where we are disrespecting the bam beat. Okay. We all agree that modern players have all these advantages that they didn't have back in the day in that. There are more good players in baseball now than there have ever been. Yeah. And there's more guys stolen buckle one to all of that. However. No would in American professional sports has been better than his peers than that do was than his like, I get it. I understand it. I fully get the idea that there's Babe Ruth. You know, oh Bank of the day down at all this now man, he's still be out here killing it right now. And he he was an amazing hitter. He was an amazing pitcher he was Shohei Ohtani before that the best argument against Babe Ruth is that he didn't face the competition. That was a ethnically racially diverse or be as strong as you said that is the thing is they segregated when Babe Ruth played baseball. And they were not like people playing baseball when Babe Ruth played baseball. Yeah. No black people might be one possible. Yeah. There might be one. Never know. Yeah. I would ask him. Dodges clutch..

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