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Menu stop coming up with jin when should you worry about the dodgers dylan hernandez columnists of the times will join us to talk about the boys in blue very worries was the dodgers now so dylan hernandez collins at the la times will join us in a second year talk dodgers just so you know if you wanted to know the lakers even though they do not own their pick i believe the pick goes to philadelphia is and philly gets its if it's number one oh are you sure i thought it was the other way okay no my understanding was the celtics got it if it was two through five and then sixers get it otherwise yeah so philly right that pick has a one point one percent chance of winning the lottery just if you were wondering i was so it you know it's not great odds but it does mean that phillies gonna get another top ten pick probably so so let's talk dodgers here they are in last place key all of a sudden realize they are in last place that's not so good five wins the seas not pretty looks different cool but then when they listed laid out last team yeah that'll look right it doesn't so dylan hernandez the la times does a fine job joins us here on kishan george and l z all right so when is the proper time to panic in one hundred sixty two game season when should you be concerned about the dodgers play.

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