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Extraordinary survival stories in the world. From the men who rescued 12 boys and their teacher trapped in the cave to the Mountaineers who get lost in the snow. Five live and local and I heard radio station hold the world tonight. There's a cloud like I'll be working that Chargers game in D. C and I'm gonna light you up. Okay? Like I'll be busy, but it'll mean more to me to talk as to you Wait until Sunday night Words. Yeah. Enjoy that. Three and one record. No, wait till Sunday morning. Wake. You have brightened early with my, uh, thanks Before cloud. Do you forget that I won last year I'll be up east Coast time talk. Can ask to you about the Cardinals Titans. The game. I could care less about Gary and Shannon K. F. I am 6 40 live everywhere on the I Heart radio up. Yes, back to week one of our gas fantasy foreplay And on Twitter. You can find those games and you can play along as well. Just asking you who you think is going to win those four games. Not as easy as it seems. Not. As I mean. I think Jacob was about six games over 500 for the entire season last year. It's not that easy. But we love it if you would play coming up at one o'clock, a friend of ours, Jodi Farah, Judy Farah! Jody! Close friends. Judy. Sorry Moron worked with both of us at different times kfbk up in Sacramento and our radio passed and she was in New York on September 11th and her perspective on she was just there for a vacation, but sort of pressed into service and saw some of the events of that day specifically there in Lower Manhattan. We'll talk with Judy coming up. At the at the top of the one o'clock hour. Well, 12 30 we dive into D. C swamp is horrible. Government doesn't work. Come on, man. We're gonna make this like a reality TV show Corn Pop was a bad dude. Always a pleasure to be anywhere from Washington D c. Hey, Joe. Hey, a town all too clearly built on a swamp. In so many ways still a swamp. That's a bunch of malarkey. Somebody said, Drain the swamp. I said, Oh, that's so keep yapping, man Watch. You know the thing Donald Trump is already claiming that the recall here in California is rigged. He opened his presidency by falsely claiming massive voter fraud in California. Now he's back on the subject. He told Newsmax this week that the election to recall Newsom is probably rigged. Mhm. Yeah. Okay. Uh, I don't even know where to go with this. How do you say so? If it's Tuesday, it turns out that the current polls are correct, and they show that Gavin Newsom is not recalled. Then this is the thing that now is everything. Everything is now fixed. Yes, If it doesn't come out the way you want it to, it's rigged. It's wrong. It's fraudulent. Well, even Tommy Lauren said the same thing that the only mouth only fraud could give Gavin Newsom a win. Now it's very popular to claim election fraud. We saw how popular it was and how people clung onto that after the president said that the presidential election was rigged. Well, remember one of the things that we saw a couple of weeks ago as this post out of torrents where police had pulled over a guy he had drugs and guns and hundreds of mail in ballots about you know, in the back of the car. If somebody would have rob a mailbox today, they would probably find filled out ballots, wouldn't they? I mean, it's a matter of timing. It's not that this this moron drug, you know, knocked out, kid guy. Whatever. He wasn't trying to steal an election. He probably had no idea what the what? Why There were so many things in the mail that looked exactly the look alike. It's frustrating to see this. I'm not saying it couldn't happen. Of course it could. But you imagine the amount of Just the sheer number of people that it would take to hide this type of a thing and to keep it out of the press. People aren't good at keeping secrets. Not today. Not in this day and age. They're not good at keeping secrets. Republican leaders blasting President Biden's new Corona vaccine mandates for businesses and federal workers could affect over 100 million people. They say that they're unconstitutional that they are infringing on personal liberties. And they will sue. It looks like Republican governors from Texas, Missouri, Georgia have threatened to fight back. Texas governor Greg Abbott, calling the mandates an assault on private businesses. And Joe Biden said, have at it. Come at me with your lawsuit. Hey, one of the things if you were looking to kill some time this weekend is you read a Supreme Court decision. Jacobson vs Massachusetts. Back in 19 Oh, five. It deals specifically with vaccine requirements. Henning Jacobson was a 50 year old minister. And he had suffered a bad reaction to a vaccine as an infant and had an angry rash as a result of it, because back in 19 Oh, five. All rashes were angry. Um, he became an American citizen. He was serving as a pastor of a church in Massachusetts. So the Cambridge Board of Health Care in Massachusetts decided that all adults had to be vaccinated for smallpox. He said. Absolutely not. That would be unconstitutional. And it was he was challenging the $5 find that would come as a result of him not getting vaccinated, and it made its way all the way to the Supreme Court. But they ruled 72. That one man's liberty cannot deprive his neighbors of their own liberty in this case by allowing the spread of disease, so this these types of cases have been Thought before all the way to the level of the Supreme Court. I'm not sure if the specifics are the same because at that time the smallpox vaccine had been around for some time now. Granted, science was not then what it is now. But that had been used multiple times, and they knew that the smallpox vaccine was effective. The thing now is there is an argument that this these covid vaccines are so new. We don't know what the long term effects could be so that that could play into legal challenge to whatever the president was talking about yesterday, and it could play into a decision from the Supreme Court if it ever made it that far. It looks like they are going to be putting up fence around the capital again. We'll talk about why When we come back. I also have a story about zebras in D. C. I love that idea. Actual zebras. In D. C. It's wonderful channel will continue a swamp Watch Amy King.

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